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Short Course

Summer School Holiday Workshop: Makeup & Beauty

2-DAY WORKSHOP | Melbourne | Wednesday 20th – Thursday 21st January 2021

An introduction to basic techniques for students wanting to explore what it is like to work within the makeup and beauty industries. This 2-day program covers the fundamental aspects of makeup and beauty while delving into what it is truly like to work within these creative industries. 

This program follows the Hair School Holiday course, so students can enrol in both programs for an entire 4-day creative industries experience! 

What we cover

Learn about the makeup and beauty industry at a beginner level!

Prior Skills & Preparation

No prior skills necessary!

*This short course is provided by The Masters Institute of Creative Education 

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • 20th–21st January 2021 | 10AM – 3PM

Location: Melbourne

Fees: $110.00

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