Covid-19 has undeniably changed the course of everyone's 2020, no matter what your plans for the year were. We could sit around and wallow over all the things that we missed out on—cancelled plans, postponed trips, being distant from our loved ones—but we need focus on the present. What can we do from a practical standpoint to stop the spread and protect ourselves and others? By this point, we hope you have a Covid-19 essentials kit put together, but if not, don’t stress. We can help you put one together! We’ve also thrown in some of our favourite Aussie-owned products and brands that you can buy from to help support our economy.

Hand Sanitiser 



Sanitiser is a must in your Covid-19 essentials kit. It’s super important to be using a hand sanitiser after going out and touching things that may not be clean—grocery shopping, catching public transport, grabbing a coffee from your local cafe. Any antibacterial hand sanitiser with alcohol will do the job, because alcohol kills bacteria, but sanitisers with 60-80% alcohol content are recommended. There are tons of different scents and packaging on the market.

Our pick: The Wellness Maker makes a gel sanitiser with Aloe vera & Vitamin E. It’s produced in NSW and it comes in a cute blue glass bottle that's not too heavy or bulky for your kit. Buy it here!



As of this week, masks have become mandatory in Melbourne— even if you don't live in Melbourne, it might still be a good idea to carry a mask around in case you find yourself in a situation where you can't social distance.


There are lots of different types of masks to choose from! You can find disposable masks at your local chemist—but for more something a little more fashionable (and less wasteful!), brands such as Banded Together, Sisterworks, and Hey Reflect’o are making cute reusable masks.

Our pick: Aussie-owned label Banded Together is producing gorgeous, silk reusable masks—good for your skin, good for the environment, and buying local supports our economy! Buy one here. 

Hand cream/hand oil


The constant use of hand sanitisers and washing your hands will more than likely dry out your skin. Especially for those with skin concerns like eczema, you’ll want to be moisturising as often as you can. A great time to moisturise is right before bed, because our cells regenerate while we sleep. If your skin is sensitive to most creams, try an oil option such as pure Argan oil.

Our pick: Thankyou is a socially conscious Australian brand that donates 100% of profits towards helping people living in poverty. They produce a beautiful botanical geranium & rosewood hand cream that smells amazing and is super affordable. Not only is it good for your hands and wallet, it’s also good for the greater good—buy here or find it stocked in your local supermarket!


A cute purse 



Keep all your Covid-19 supplies in a cute carrier! Storing them in a cute wallet, purse, or pouch makes sure they don’t go missing and are easy to carry around with you wherever you're headed. 

Our pick: The Horse is a Sydney-based brand that is known for their watches, but they also make adorable zip wallets! Check them out here.


Get packing, sanitise, social distance and stay at home whenever possible. If you’re feeling anxious about Coronavirus or lockdown, check out our article about reducing stress in quarantine!