Euphoria is the perfect TV show because no one in it is perfect.

There, we said it. Filled with distressing drama, the show is understandably controversial for its graphic depiction of unconventional “teenage problems.” Yet, we keep tuning in for how raw and frank they portray the complexities of personal struggles, addiction, childhood trauma, relationships, self-discovery and confidence.


And on a much much lighter note, we know we also stay for the aesthetics. This is because the show gives us unparalleled makeup looks filled with glitters, sequins, glams and colours, and it’s not just about looking pretty.


They’re an art form, really. The makeup looks on the show are used to bring colours to these characters, and to bring these characters to life. That is why each of the characters has a unique style that pretty much gives a ‘glimpse’ to their personality and life story.


So let’s get to know our 5 favourite characters’ personality and iconic looks!


Rue – the “beautiful mess”

Rue is the perfect, flawed protagonist. Throughout the show, we watch Rue battles their drugs and mental issues (because who doesn’t have personal issues?), and can’t help but root for their improvement. Beyond Rue’s state of constant anguish, we sometimes get to see Rue’s wisdom and protectiveness towards those closest to them.

In Rue, we see that growth is not always linear, and throughout the show, Zendaya successfully conveys the complexity and fragility that is part of who Rue is as a character. While Rue is often seen in tomboy clothes and looks, the smeared, glitter tears makeup works exceptionally well in expressing the character’s “beautiful mess” trope.  


Jules – the colourful feminine

Jules is Rue’s eclectic best friend who is always brave and curious in exploring what’s out there. The character exudes confidence and freedom, as she has grown to be unapologetic about her identity and how she expresses herself, even if that confidence comes from years of struggles, learning and finally acceptance.


As the colourful half of the best friend duo, Jules embodies femininity, often seen wearing iconic colourful outfits and sporting playful and carefree makeup looks with fresh colours. This varies, however, as the episodes go on, because Jules’ makeup looks are used to express her moods, and we can see them getting more gloomy towards the end of the season.


Maddy – the bold baddie

Maddy is obviously the queen bee of East Highland High, but she pushes the typical “popular girl slash cheer captain” trope even further, in her fashion (dressing up in the most to-die-for outfits and makeups) and her personality. Maddy is confident, fierce, and feisty, and is one to speak her mind in a straightforward and honest manner.


This is why Maddy and her sequined, winged eyeliners (topped with lashes that are always on point) are a match made in Heaven! Such striking makeup looks are only fitting for such a bold girl who is always at the centre of attention.


Cassie – the sweet softie

Cassie is sweet, sympathetic and sentimental. She is popular and attractive, which unfortunately comes at a cost for the character. Cassie often receives the short end of the stick, always having to deal with unwanted attention, judgements, issues and consequences on things she can’t really control. This means Cassie can be too nice for her own good, and we would love to see her put herself first and take control of her life.


Blue is definitely Cassie’s colour! Complementing her beige blonde hair, using blue eyeshadows certainly conveys the soft, sweet yet melancholic tone of her narrative.


Kat – the temptress

The show takes us to see Kat’s growth from being a self-conscious and shy teenager, to a confident, daring and outspoken character. We can even see this transformation through her makeup, which was subtle and understated at the beginning, to bold and alluring as her confidence grows.


We get to see Kat’s journey (and ups and downs) of finding her sexual identity, self-expression and how she becomes comfortable in her body. Like others in the show, we don’t just see a one-dimensional character development, instead, we see the complex story (what she has to lose, and what she has to let go) that shapes Kat into her “new” personality at the end of the season.


For this, we are liking Kat’s newfound seductive makeup style. It may take bold confidence to pull off, but it’s no longer a problem for the new Kat.



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