Summer is fast approaching, and it’s bringing with it a whole lot of new hair trends! We get so excited seeing the new styles that pop up each season, so let us fill you in on all the hottest hair trends coming up this summer…

Face-framing braids


These tiny, face-framing braids a la 1960s Sharon Tate are super in right now! They’re dead easy to do—just take 2 small sections of hair either side of a middle part and braid them—and they give you an effortlessly cool, beachy vibe. They’re the perfect summer accessory.

Teeny tiny bob


2019 was the year of the lob (long bob), and 2020 is taking it a step further with the earlobe-grazing bob. It’s a perfect cut for summer, when low maintenance is key and your MO is keeping the back of your neck sweat-free. Paired with a baseball cap it’s cool and casual, and dressed up with some killer ear accessories it’s super chic.



The bandana is back! This early 2000s staple has finally made a comeback. Not only do they look cute, they’re also super useful for keeping your locks out of your face on hot days. Our favourite part about bandanas is that they look amazing on all hair types and colours! They’re easier on your hair than ponytails and hair ties, and if you get sick of wearing one on your head, you can always tie it around your neck for a cute accessory.

Two-toned hair


This hair colouring trend is all over social media at the moment, and we’re not surprised—it’s super cute! Take two pieces that frame your face—either from the top layer of hair or a layer underneath and just pick whatever colour you want! We’re loving bright tones at the moment, but for a more toned-down look (no pun intended), go for two different shades of a more natural hair colour.

Natural texture


Gone are the days of using heat on your hair every morning—it’s time to let your natural hair loose. Whether your locks are straight, curly, wavy, or anything in between, just let them breathe this summer! We’re absolutely loving Zendaya’s natural curls and Gigi’s tousled waves.

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