Whether you’re planning a photoshoot, brainstorming the design of your bedroom or developing your own brand, there’s no doubt you’ll have a tonne of ideas.

The best way to consolidate your ideas is through mood boards. Mood boards work best when they’re organised well and laid out aesthetically, so here are our top websites to create your own:


First up is Canva, an free online design site that is super user friendly and has a bunch of free, beautifully designed templates.

You can upload your own images, customise colours & fonts, add in shapes/stickers, remove the background of images and so much more! You can also work collaboratively with other Canva users on these documents. 

Find out more about Canva here.



Milanote is another beautiful, free design site that is specifically created for developing mood boards and branding. You can copy and paste links from the internet, easily create colour swatches, choose from built in images or upload your own, the opportunities are endless!

A great thing about Milanote is that you don’t have to think too much about your background, it’s almost as if you’re pasting images on a board, yet the way it’s designed ensures anything you add looks neat and aesthetic. Like Canva, you can also work collaboratively with a team on these mood boards!

Find out more about Milanote here.


Described as a collaborative whiteboard platform, Miro is another great choice for creating a mood board. It has an infinite canvas, meaning you can make them as large as you need and include plenty of details.

Similarly to the others, you can upload your own files, add in icons, shapes, text and can collaborate with others on your board. 

Find out more about Miro here.

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