On November 26th, we hosted our highly-anticipated annual awards night, marking our first gathering since 2019. It was an extraordinary occasion, allowing us to celebrate the accomplishments of our students from the past four years. Our Awards Night allows us to shine a spotlight on the outstanding achievements across our vibrant Fashion, Hair, Beauty and Makeup departments.

We would like to give a big thank you to our esteemed panel of industry judges. They faced a challenging decision, but managed to narrow down the remarkable entries to a select few deserving winners.



Shoutout to all our nominees, and their incredible talent. The contribution they make to our community is showcased within the audience with many members coming to support our students, from their own family and work, and many of our students attending to support one another.  


Our Student of the Year winners stood out from the rest with their excellent achievements and hard work throughout the year. They had put in countless hours of effort, dedication, and perseverance towards their studies and industry experience, making them a true inspiration for everyone. Winning the title of Student of the Year not only celebrated their achievements but also served as a reminder to every student present that their hard work could pay off in unimaginable ways.



Fashion Business Outstanding Achievement Student of the Year 
Sponsored by Casper Magazine, Scouted Magazine and The Fabric Store

  • 2021 Winner: Amanda Yorioka
  • 2022 Winner: Stephanie grant 
  • 2023 Rising Star: Nirodha Gamage
  • 2023 Winner: Emma Cahill

Fashion Business Creative of the Year
Sponsored by InStyle Magazine and Mutual Muse

  • 2021 Winner: Amber Di Noia
  • 2022 Winner: Lauren Burke 
  • 2023 Rising Star: Valentina Jose Carrera Diaz
  • 2023 Winner: Fatima


Fasttrack Hair Student of the Year
Sponsored by Redken and Polished Style

  • 2020 Winner: Hyeonji (Vicky) Lee
  • 2021 Winner: Deannise Andreu Cuevas 
  • 2022 Winner: Elyssia Kanellopoulos
  • 2023: 2nd Place: Madeleine Vella
  • 2023: Winner: Jamieson Sangster

Hairdressing Apprentice Student of the Year
Sponsored by Redken and Haircare Group 

  • 2020 Winner: Rachel Mifsud (Linear Hair)
  • 2021 Winner: Emma Wright (Bailey & Co Hair salon) 
  • 2022 Winner: Taylor Laine (the Cutters Lounge)
  • 2023 2nd Place: Alessia Zoumpoukas (Kleoniki Hair)
  • 2023 Winner: Nicole Rodger (Toni & Guy Georges)

Salon-Based Apprentice of the Year
Sponsored by Redken and Haircare group 

  • 2020 Winner: Chiara Recce (Rokk Ebony) 
  • 2021 Winner: Ben McCuaig (Edwards & Co) 
  • 2022 Winner: Mikayla Parsons (Edwards & Co)
  • 2023 2nd Place: Zoe Van Der Putten (Cream Melbourne)
  • 2023 Winner: Micheal Knowles (Edwards & Co)

Salon Assistant of the year
Sponsored by Redken and Haircare group 

  • 2022 Winner: Ashleigh Kerwin
  • 2023 2nd Place: Maddison Dickson 
  • 2023 Winner: Zahara Gruar 

Salon T.M. Student of the Year:
Sponsored by Redken

  • 2023 Winner: Talissa Tocci

Barber Student of the Year
Sponsored by Salon Mart

  • 2020 Winner: Elliot Worroll
  • 2021 Winner: Roudell (Enel) Tan
  • 2022 Winner: Nash Nixon
  • 2023 Winner: Che Mangi (Grindstone Barbers)
  • 2023 Outstanding achievements awards: Luke Shashkoff (The Alley Barber Frankston) and Christopher Sanfilippo

Masters of Colour

  • 2nd Place: Chiara Orr (Chumba Concept Salon)
  • Winner: Emma Charles (Rokk Ebony)
    Masters of Colour CompetitionChiara Orr 

Masters of Colour CompetitionEmma Charles 


Beauty Student of the Year
Sponsored by AST Beauty and Distinctive features

  • 2020 Winner: Imogen Mumford
  • 2021 Winner: Sophie Michel 
  • 2022 Winner: Alyssia Powe
  • 2023 2nd Place: Emma Cogger
  • 2023 Winner: Korhoua Lor

Beauty Services Student of the Year
Sponsored by Elleebana

  • 2022 Winner: Jasmine Paton 
  • 2023 2nd Place: Annie Fox
  • 2023 Winner: Maryann Pisanelli
Masters of Beauty

Sponsored by AST Beauty

  • 2nd Place: Jasmine Paton (Facial Massage)
  • Winner: Taylah Langley (Lash Lift)
    Pre Done Beauty CompetitionJasmine Paton (Left) and Taylah Langley (Right)



Makeup Student of the Year
Sponsored by MAC Cosmetics

  • 2020 Winner: Elyssia Kanellopoulos 
  • 2021 Winner: Nathaniel Hollingworth
  • 2022 Winner: Julia Stylianou  



Met Gala Avant Garde
Sponsored by Elevate Pro Hair 

  • 2nd Place: Yasmine Taravillo
  • Winner: Marianne (Stevie) Stevens
    Met Gala Avant Garde Competition

Yasmine Taravillo (Left) and Marianne (Stevie) Stevens (Right)

Festival Style Comp
Sponsored by Haircare Group 

  • 2nd Place: Chaira Orr (Chumba Concept Salon)
  • Winner: Alicia Carbone (Rokk Ebony)
    Festival Style Competition

Alicia Carbone (Left) and Chiara Orr (Right)

Urban Male
Sponsored by SalonMart

  • 2nd Place: Theo Georgiou (Snips of London)
  • Winner: Roudell Enel TanUrban Male Competition

Roudell Tan (Left) and Theo Georgiou (Right)


Masters of Social Media:

  • Jules Gauci (Hair Etiquette) for video
  • Michael Knowles (Edwards & Co) for photography 

Masters of Social MediaMichael Knowles (Left) and Jules Gauci (Right)


Sponsored by Redken

The energy in the room was electric as the audience waited for the announcement of the 2023 Face of The Masters winner.

Congratulations to…

  • 2nd Place: Aysha Egglestone (Tony & Guy Georges)
  • Winner: Amia Mankelow (Rokk Ebony) 

Face of the Masters Runner UpAysha Egglestone

Face of the Masters WinnerAmia Mankelow

Agency T.M. Awards:

  • Jamieson Sangster
  • Julia Stylianou 
  • Kai-Li Li 
  • Kandi Kassab 
  • Kelly Li
  • Korhoua Lor 
  • Linda Haynes 
  • Sophie Smith
  • Suzanne D’Costa
  • Talissa Tocci 
  • Taylah Langley 

T.M. Edit Awards

  • Jamieson Sangster
  • Jordan Figon 
  • Julia Stylianou 
  • Lydia Waddington 
  • Nirodha Gamage 
  • Phoebe Clarke
  • Sophie Smith
  • Storm Anderson
  • Talissa Tocci 
  • Vivian Jeo 

T.M. Edit Awards

The dazzling lights, the applause and the celebration of talent all came together to create an unforgettable night and we owe a significant part of that success to the generosity of our sponsors. Their commitment to fostering creativity in the realms of Fashion, Hair, Beauty and Makeup has truly elevated the spirit of the school. The awards night served as a platform to showcase the exceptional talents of our students and with their support, we were able to nurture the next generation of creative professionals and provide them with the tools and resources to flourish within their industry.

The Masters Sponsors Bobby x Iggy Seltzer

A big thank you to our major sponsors Redken, Haircare Group and Casper Magazine

Thank you to our event partners.The Masters Awards Night Sponsors

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