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Short Course

3D Drape for Design - Experimentation on the Stand

Are you interested in the design process? Do you love drawing but are intimidated by draping techniques? Explore how conceptual design through 3D drape can help innovate your design process and develop shapes and forms unachievable through flat pattern-making of fashion illustration alone.  

Working with our Design Director, you will examine the different modes of design before embarking on an exploratory workshop playing with shape and form through fabric. 

This event is part of VAMFF 2020.

The Workshop is held on campus at Level 3, 185 Spring Street, Melbourne

What we cover

This workshop is a chance to explore design through hands on practical exploration. An initial presentation on the process of drape will be followed by a free-form workshop in which you can delve into iterative exploration of shape and form using fabric.

Prior Skills & Preparation

No prior skills necessary. This workshop is open to all skill levels. Experts will learn innovative techniques for developing their craft whilst novices will enjoy the chance to play with drape and form.

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • Saturday | 7th March | 10AM—5PM

Location: Melbourne

Fees: $55.00

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