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Short Course

Introduction to Fashion Design

4 weeks | Wednesday Evenings | 9th June—30th June | 6PM—8.30PM

Interested in the fashion design process? Ever dreamt of creating your own garments or having your own line?

Join us for a four-week short course and learn the ins and outs of the fashion design process. Explore how colour theory impacts garment creations, learn the techniques of fashion illustration and create your own designs in relation to an industry brief.

Design principles underpin every item of clothing you wear. Learn the skills and techniques to create beautiful clothes and hone your illustration techniques whilst you're at it!


What we cover

You will learn:

  • Colour theory
  • Explore how colour theory impacts the entire design process
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Delve into concepts that drive good design, including balance, rhythm, proportion, harmony, contrast and more
  • Fashion illustration techniques
  • Learn the tricks to effortless drawing
  • Apply colour and fabric techniques to your illustrations
  • How to design to an industry brief

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • 9th June—30th June

Location: Melbourne

Fees: $550.00

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