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Short Course

Fashion and the Metaverse Virtual Panel Discussion | Melbourne Fashion Week 2022

NFTs, the metaverse, web 3.0. These are terms that 12 months ago you might not have been familiar with but have now become a constant feature of discussions focusing on the future of fashion. Digital fashion is fast becoming the new standard of the industry, with brands, manufacturers, marketers and consumers all equally affected by this rapidly evolving sector.

The interplay between the physical world and the digital landscape has been blurring for some time, the first digital influencers were ‘born’ in 2016, but now more than ever brands are needing to grapple with this new frontier fast. Sustainability and brand authenticity have been common buzz words used to signify a changing face of fashion, but increasingly it is digitisation, and all that it brings with it, that is forcing the industry to evolve and adapt at a rapid pace.

Join a panel of industry experts as they dissect fashion’s role in the metaverse, the value of NFTs, the emergence of new digital platforms and share their insights as to how brands can adapt and thrive in this new fashion marketplace.

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • Thursday 13th October | 6.00PM

Location: Online

Fees: $10.00

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