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Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Management

Are you interested in leading a team or wanting to start your own business?
Learn how all aspects of a business work together, and how to make strategic decisions about what a business should do to successfully reach its goals.

Within just one trimester of studying with us, this fashion business course will help you discover the essential skills required to expand your leadership qualities.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Management prepares students to enter management-track positions or to start their own businesses in the diverse fashion industry landscape.

This program teaches students the importance of leadership, innovation, technology, effective communication in decision-making and analytic skills to manage the human and organisational resources of a business, with an emphasis on the fashion industry.

The curriculum provides a foundation of two core units in management and fashion cultural history. Students also develop foundation skills through electives across management, supply chain, marketing and retail in the context of environmental, cultural, ethical, corporate and consumer behaviours of the fashion and creative industries.

Whether you're looking for a career change and eager to Upskill or you are looking to study a more formal fashion business course, this course is particularly exciting as it can lead you directly into our bespoke fashion degree, the Bachelor of Fashion Business, which is located at our Melbourne campus.

We are proud to offer one of the leading fashion business courses in Australia and you can complete it all from the comfort of your own home.

Complete the first semester online and graduate with an Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Management, or continue on for the remaining five trimesters to receive a full Bachelor degree qualification. The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless.

Industry Facing Skill Set

Learn the fundamental skills of fashion business management. In this course, learn how to:

  • Understand the management of fashion products through supply and distribution mechanisms, the management of presentation and promotion of fashion products in the retail context and fashion business management
  • Create a solid knowledge base of fashion business essentials which can be used to facilitate life-long learning in the fashion industry
  • Analyse information to enable management of a range of competing factors in the fashion business environment
  • Exercise judgement and critical thinking in identifying problems, integrating best practices and technologies in developing fashion business strategies
  • Work effectively autonomously as well as within group settings to apply business strategies and solutions in a contemporary setting

Core Units Covered

The units covered in the course are: 

HF1204 Principles of Fashion Management

This unit is designed to give students a well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, with a managerial focus through analysis of the business contexts of the various fashion roles. Students will be shown how to enhance both their creative and managerial skills to become a dynamic business brain, and be encouraged to ‘think outside the box’.

HF1205 Fashion Fundamentals & Cultural History

This unit explores the fundamentals of the creative industries in history. Students explore the different art & cultural movements that impact fashion dress and societal trends. The influence of societal shifts, global movements, and popular culture are discussed in relation to the development of the modern retail environment.

Choose two units from the below:
HF1206 Product Management and Accounting
This unit explores the fundamental concepts of fashion production, costing, and production specifications. This unit covers cost-benefit analysis and examines quality assurance measures. It forms an introduction to accounting through financial statements, the accounting cycle, accounting for merchandising operations, cost behaviours, break-even analysis, profit-loss, achieving target profit levels, and balance sheets.

HF1201 Creative Industry Analysis
This unit offers a foundational understanding of how the fashion industry is structured. It unpacks the distinct and inter-related sectors that impact upon design, market demand, supply, consumer behaviour and the nature of national and international competition including issues of sustainability.

HF1003 Consumer Behaviour
This unit is an introduction to concepts of consumer behaviour and psychology. It investigates how consumer identity is formed and develops an understanding of fashion psychographics. To this effect, both internal and external influences are discussed. Internal influences such as consumer motivation, personality, perception, learning, and attitude formation are examined in detail. External factors including social, cultural, and cross-cultural determinants of consumer decision-making are studied. The unit will give students an appreciation of how consumer characteristics and consumption patterns will impact marketing decisions, and how this knowledge can be used to develop effective marketing programs.

Additional elective options: 
Additional elective options, taken from our Bachelor of Fashion Business, can be chosen in consultation with the Course Conveyor.

Accelerate your Fashion Business Career!

Graduates of the Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Management prepares students to enter management-track positions, or to start their own businesses in the diverse fashion industry landscape.

Students will develop essential skillsets across the fashion and business disciplines, and go on to work in graduate roles across fashion marketing, social media management and creative production disciplines. Students also often continue to complete the Bachelor of Fashion Business.

Holmes Institute Fashion is a department of Holmes Institute Pty Ltd.

Course Snapshot

Course Duration:
One Trimester (12 weeks of study)

Online and Face-to-Face options

This course is only available to Domestic students

Next intake: July
FEE-Help & Payment Plans Available

Location: Melbourne or Online

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