With Mother’s Day upon us, we think it’s the perfect chance to treat your Mum to an at home relaxation and facial treatment. We chatted to beauty alumni Mikaela about ways to make the pampering session extra special! 

It can be difficult coming up with Mother’s day ideas, particularly planning what to do during isolation or even knowing just what Mum needs this year. This year for all Mum’s, let's make it relaxing and a time to wind down and given an extra special treatment. 

  1. Get into your most comfy bath robe and slippers 

The most important thing when you are giving yourself a beauty/spa treatment at home is making yourself comfortable and in the right mindset!

  1. Grab your favourite candle or essential oil burner 

In order to get yourself into a pampering mood or to convince Mum it's time for her to relax and enjoy the day. Set your favourite smells for the house. 

My personal favourite is a soothing and calming blend that consists of citrus oils. This usually consists of orange, lemon, patchouli or mandarin. 

These create an uplifting mood in the house preparing you for a positive mindset throughout your treatment. 

If you think yourself or Mum needs something more soothing to rest easy, simply choose essential oils with lavender. 

Once you have chosen your oils or candle, place next to you where you are going to be doing your treatment.

  1. Put on your favourite playlist or relaxing meditation music

Setting the mood is another way to feel relaxed and unwind this Mother’s day. Putting relaxing music on in the background will help you enjoy the experience that bit more. 

  1. Grab a few small face wash towels and place in a bowl/sink with warm water. 

This is a great technique in allowing your pores to open and letting your product penetrate further into the surface of your skin. Which is an extra bonus to your skin routine this Mother’s day. 

Use the face towels in between removing product and try to do this in slow methodical movements to enjoy the journey you are taking yourself or your Mum on this day.

The best way to start is to use your at home cleanser twice to clean and prep skin for your exfoliation, masks and serums. 

  1. After you have cleansed the skin, you can place on your favourite face mask.

I love placing on an eye or face sheet masks. Don’t have those on hand? You can simply use your favourite mask you have at home. It's easy to forget about all those products we bought months ago that are now hiding in a draw. Today is the day to finally put them to use! 

During this step grab a blanket and lay down somewhere with your music still playing in the background. Try to leave your mask on for 15-20 minutes, depending on there directions of course this may vary.

You can also place on your eyes two cotton rounds that have been soaked gently in cool water. This can aid in tired eyes and reduce eye puffiness. It also doesn't cost anything!

  1. Massage in your facial mask, serums, eye cream or moisturiser. Have skin rollers? Use them for extra circulation!

If you don’t have skin rollers, you can do massage movements to help circulate blood flow in your skin. Work from the centre of your face, moving outwards. Massage your fingertips from the nose out past the cheeks and to the ears. Repeat this motion both on the lower and upper sections of the face.

Have a skin roller on hand? 

When using a skin roller you can place it in the fridge or under cool water to create a soothing effect. This again reduces puffiness and helps plump out the skin. Skin rollers also help push your products deeper into skin. They perform great as a gentle face massage. To use a facial roller, roll in upwards directions. Start by glidling from jawline up towards the ear and when you get to the eye area turn the roller around to a smaller part. Then try to roll around your eyes in circular motion or you can try in a figure of eight direction.

So there you have it! A great way to treat your Mum using the items you have within your home. 

Written by Mikaela Giaquinta

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