Working from home certainly has its perks, and after nearly 5 months of this myself, I realised that my ‘work uniform’ had started to change.

In the first few months it was cute jumpers and comfy pants, then it turned into a ‘pyjamas all day’ kind of vibe, with a work appropriate sweater nearby ready for zoom calls. 

But aside from when I’m on a Zoom, I personally have found that despite the many luxuries of working from home, I miss my desk. I miss weekly tea appreciation with my team and using my favourite stationary, or the plants that give such a brightness to our space.

So after many months of analysing my #WFH habits (the good and the bad) and what I felt like I was lacking, I realised, it’s all about finding your perfect balance. Here are my tips on how to stay cosy but still productive while working or studying from home.

1. Invest in a cute, cosy pyjama option. 

There is nothing I can recommend more than wearing something that isn’t old and shabby. It can reflect in your mood. Add a pop of colour and a little excitement to your day, whilst still staying warm and cosy. 

My top pick is the Frenchiewear hooded blanket. With two colour options (pink and grey), these hooded blankets are the best way to stay cosy while you work from home.


They’re an Australian based company with their Sherpa lined fleece hooded blanket coming in a One Size Fits All, plus a kids range if you want to match with your fam. I find that so often my go-to when buying a gift is pyjamas, but receiving a delivery of your own is potentially even more exciting. P.S - they have Afterpay, so that’s always a win!


2. Have your favourite tea and tea cup on hand.

We’re big believers in restoring balance to your day with a cup of tea. 

During iso, we particularly have enjoyed not only ordering our go to favourites (shoutout to T2’s Tummy Tea), but also trying new flavours. There’s something exciting about trying something new, and in a time where every day begins to mould together, it’s a little perk to look forward to.

Not a tea drinker? No problem, you can sub in coffee or a hot chocolate. Add in a marshmallow or swirl of caramel if you’re missing your coffee shop breaks at work! 

FrenchieWear Tea

3. Set up in a space with natural light.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a space in your home where you can work effectively and also allow in some natural light, this will add not only to your cosiness, but productivity too. Studies have found that optimising the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, therefore leading to a rise in productivity, so why not try this in your own home?

FrenchieWear Work From Home

4. Make sure you have all your essentials!

We know the importance right now of carrying your hand sanitiser, but you’d be surprised to find out how useful it is to have on your desk. This, along with a tissue box, pen, notepad and a small rubbish bin are great ways to ensure you’re set up and ready for the day, not constantly looking for items. Keeping hand sanitiser on your desk ensures you stay in the habit of using it regularly, and when it is time to leave home, it’s right there waiting for you.

Oh, and if you’re working off a laptop, make sure the charger is always nearby! There is nothing worse than being on a roll with your work and having to run to keep your computer alive!

Desk Setup

5. Make the most of your lunch breaks/after work routine

If you’re having a stressful day, the perk of being at home is you can do whatever you like on your lunch break. For me, some days this is taking a nice hot bath with my favourite bath salts and listening to music or doing a face mask, getting myself away from the screen for a moment. This would be my ‘cosy choice’.  Read more about our favourite bath products here.


However, if you’re in need of a general positivity boost or have gotten a little too cosy (and need to wake yourself up), go for a walk around the block! I love planning a walk a couple of times a week with my family members and our dogs, to ensure we get out of the house and some sunlight too! 


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