There might be nothing we love more on a cold winter night than lighting some candles and indulging in a hot bath. Want to make your bath time extra luxurious? Don't settle for that old bath bomb from the back of your bathroom drawer that your aunt bought you two Christmases ago—trust us, your skin won't thank you for that! We rounded up the six best bath products to add to your bathroom repertoire that will rejuvenate your skinlower your stress levels, or help you sleep. Find out what they are below!

Amethyst Body Oil by Rococo Body Oil

Rococo has a gorgeous lineup of crystal-infused body oils. Try a sample pack of all their products! 


Why we love it: Not only is this Amethyst-infused body oil deeply nourishing, it’s also Australian-owned, vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious! It’s made of all-natural ingredients, meaning your skin is getting the best of the best.

Who it’s for: Rococo Body Oil was founded with mums, bubs, and mums-to-be in mind. The oils are extra gentle on the skin, they’re not made with any nasties, and there’s even an oil created specifically for babies!

How to use: Drop a little oil into your bath or apply directly to your skin after your bath while your skin is still damp.


Pinot Grape Skin Bath Soak by Hunter Lab


 Melbourne-owned skincare brand Hunter Lab uses all-natural ingredients and gender-neutral packaging. Great skincare shouldn't be gendered!


Why we love it: Hunter Lab is a Melbourne-owned and operated skin and body care company. Their products are made of natural, sustainable ingredients that target specific skin care needs—the fact that they look great sitting on your bathroom counter is just an added bonus! This grape skin and cranberry soak is one of the best bath products on the market—it smells incredible and helps to draw out any impurities from the skin. 

Who it’s for: Hunter Lab goes against the beauty industry grain by intentionally producing non-gendered products. Their products are made to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how you identify, and their gorgeous, sleek packaging reflects that!

How to use: Sprinkle a handful of the soak into your bath and relax.


Bath Drops by Fur


 Fur is a vegan, cruelty-free skincare company. Their luxurious bath drops are encased in a material made of seaweed instead of gelatine and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


Why we love it: Get soft and supple skin by letting a couple of these bath drops dissolve in your bath while the water is running. They’re vegan and cruelty free to boot! 

Who it’s for: These bath drops are perfect if you’re conscious about the way the beauty industry treats animals. The drops are encased in a material made of seaweed instead of gelatine, so you can soak worry-free knowing no animals were harmed in the making.

How to use: Drop 2-3 into your bath while the water is running and let them dissolve.


In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub & Soak by Frank Body


 Aussie-owned Frank Body produces an amazing 2-in-1 body scrub and bath soak. It contains lavender oil and chamomile to give you an amazing night's sleep.


Why we love it: The lavender oil and magnesium in this product leaves your skin looking, feeling, and smelling gorgeous—but the best part? It doesn’t leave a mess in your bath, so you can sleep easy without having to clean up your tub. 

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to have an amazing night’s sleep! The caffeine-free mixture of chamomile and lavender oil in this scrub relaxes you to the max to send you straight to sleep.

How to use: Massage a handful or two of the scrub into your skin and drop another handful into your bath and let it dissolve. Warning: not the best bath product to use in the morning if you have a busy day ahead!


Chill Pills by Ouai


Not only are these bath tablets adorable, they smell incredible and help you de-stress. 


Why we love it: They’re super cute, what’s not to love?! Plus they’re jasmine and rose scented, so you’ll leave your bath smelling like a fresh bouquet.

Who it’s for: Anyone needing to relax, de-stress, or chase away the Sunday scaries!

How to use: Crumble a chill pill under your running water until it’s dissolved.


Beach Walk Candle by Maison Margiela


Nothing says relaxation like lighting a beach-scented candle while you soak. Our favourite is this Maison Margiela Beach Walk Candle. 


Why we love it: In our opinion, bath time isn’t bath time without a scented candle.

Who it’s for: This candle is perfect if you love light, fresh scents. 

How to use: 1. Light the candle. 2. Put on your favourite music. 3. Close your eyes and pretend you’re laying by the ocean on a tropical island far, far away from your deadlines and responsibilities.

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