Dreaming of self-employment, Dinuska made a 180° career switch from banking to the Beauty industry. After getting a job opportunity during her industry placement, Dinuska now works as a Professional Beauty Therapist at Lavish Skincare—where she gets to perform all kinds of advanced Beauty treatments and connects with countless heartwarming clients every day. We chatted to her to get these insider insights into her day-to-day routine, role and opportunities working as a Beauty Therapist!


Tell us about yourself. What was your path to TM and why did you choose to study the Diploma of Beauty Therapy?

I used to be a banker before and I wanted to find a path where I can be self-employed in the future. I always take care of my skin and I wanted to help others as well. So I chose to be a beauty therapist. During my research of finding an education provider I came to know about TM. TM has provided professional support to hundreds of candidates to be successful in their career. So I decided to study at TM.


Tell us about your role at Lavish Skincare

I'm working as a beauty therapist. During my day I'm doing basic and advanced facials, massage, body treatments, mani and pedicure, eyelash lifting and extension, tanning, make-up and sales of skin care products. In addition I'm working as the receptionist as well. My favourite tasks are facials and body treatments.


What are some of the opportunities working at Lavish Skincare that you have done?

I got the opportunity to work with Australian best products such as ASAP and ENVIRON and was able to get the training for those products. Even though I haven't finished my diploma yet, since the first day at Lavish I got the opportunity to treat clients. Beauty Therapy student Dinuska at TM Awards Night

Tell us about working as a professional beauty therapist

I really enjoy this profession and I'm very happy when I see happy face of my clients.


Is there anything about working in-industry that has surprised you?

We are working with variety of people and some of them are sharing their life stories with us. I was surprised to hear some of them. It is surprising that how close they are to the therapist if you do your job to the best of your ability.


How did your role at Lavish Skincare come about?

I used to be a client of Lavish and I got the opportunity to do my placement at Lavish. After observing my performance the Lavish owner offered this role for me.


What does it feel like to land a job before you have graduated and also in the middle of a pandemic?

Wonderful and I believe if you honestly love your profession you can achieve that.



How do you feel TM helped prepare you to work in the industry?

Teachers at TM are doing a great job preparing students for their career.


What’s been your greatest memory studying at The Masters so far?

Excursion to the Peninsula Hot Springs!


What is your advice for anyone starting their journey in the beauty industry and considering studying with TM?

TM will give you all the guide and support to complete your qualification and finding a job. But you will need to do your part as well.


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