After taking a gap year and spending that time working in retail, Eleanor realised that if she wanted to pursue her dreams it had to be now. Beauty student Eleanor Nunns did just that!  Eleanor scored an incredible role with Smooth Curves Clinic in just her first term of study at T.M. We caught up with Eleanor to learn more about her work and journey to studying with T.M.


What was your path to TM and why did you choose to study the SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy?
I've had a passion for beauty since I was a little girl.  When I was in grade 5 we went on a holiday to Hamilton Island and I had my first ever beauty treatment, a facial and massage. Ever since that day I have loved everything skincare and makeup, and once I graduated high school, I decided to defer from my teaching course and work at my local Priceline.


Seeing all of the different products, meeting industry professionals and managing the store made me realise I wanted this to be my career, however I was scared to dip my foot in. I went on to get my degree in Youth Work and start my next degree in Psychology & Theology whilst working full time, and then COVID hit Melbourne. That year off from the world made me realise that if I wanted to pursue my dreams it had to be now. Come 2021 and I am doing what I've always wanted to do, working in an amazing salon, and have the support of the most incredible teachers and friends.

 Eleanor Nunns

Tell us about your role at Smooth Curves Clinic

If you come into the salon, I'm most likely the first person you see, working at our reception, booking appointments and setting up treatment rooms. The last couple of months I have started doing treatments such as massage, makeup, facials and spray tanning. My salon has a big focus on treating the skin, and luckily enough that is my passion.


How did your role at Smooth Curves Clinic come about?

A couple of weeks into the first term of my Diploma, one of my teachers mentioned that a salon in the western suburbs was looking for a casual employee. I have a habit of staying quiet and being too scared to embarrass myself, however I instantly put my hand up. That day she gave me the number of the owner, and after mustering up the courage I gave her a call. That week I went in for an interview, and next thing you know I started my first day. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I know now that I would have regretted not putting my hand up.


What are some of the opportunities working at Smooth Curves Clinic that you have done?

My experience so far at Smooth Curves has been an amazing gateway into how the beauty industry is run. Learning the behind the scenes about this industry, running a salon and building client relationships has made my love for this career grow. My co-workers always dedicate spare time during the day to train me in further learning.


What is it like working as a professional beauty therapist

I still cannot believe that I am able to do this job every day. In the past going to work has been more of a chore, however knowing that I am going to spend the day doing what I love is just too cool.


I learn something new every day whether it’s from my co-workers or the clients I work with, and I get to use some of the best professional skincare brands. I've been exposed to brands such as Aspect, Cosmedix and Ocosmedics which I've seen first-hand transform client’s skin. I also am able to establish an amazing connection with the clients I work with. Some of these people come in multiple times per week, some once a month, but seeing how happy and relaxed they become once they walk into the salon is so rewarding. To know that your skills can make someone feel beautiful or relaxed is probably the best part of being a beauty therapist.


Is there anything about working in-industry that has surprised you?

This industry is no joke. The time, effort and education put into treatments is a lot more extensive than many people may think. For example, body massage and facials may seem purely practical, however the theory behind these treatments goes above and beyond. Each treatment is unique in the sense that a client may present with certain contra-indications (conditions or disorders) that may need to be taken into consideration. This knowledge is crucial to making sure the treatment is suitable for a client.


What does it feel like to land a job before you have graduated and also in the middle of a pandemic?

The main reason I decided to study at The Masters was because of the opportunities that were provided. I knew that if I worked hard and showed my teachers how much I loved the industry that I would be able to have some sort of industry exposure.


It is so amazing to be able to apply what I learned at T.M. to the salon I work in. One minute we finish a unit on spray tanning, and the next week I'm able to provide that same service in salon. It is such a valuable experience to be able to do both at the same time. It's also comforting knowing that once I've graduated, I do not have the pressure of looking for a job which I was initially worried about, and to know that my teachers believed in me enough to recommend that I work professionally is a huge compliment.


Aside from your work at Smooth Curves Clinic, have you taken on any other opportunities through Agency T.M.?

Just before I started working for Smooth Curves, I got the opportunity to do hand massages at a local cosmetic company, which I still sometimes do. It was so cool meeting the clients and having such in depth conversations with the owner about how she started her company and where she hopes to go.

 Eleanor Nunns

How do you feel TM helped prepare you to work in the industry?

I think the best thing about The Masters is the trainers, they are so incredibly selfless in the fact that not only do they show us how to conduct a treatment, but they also talk about their experiences in the industry, constantly giving us valuable tips and knowledge on how to make the most of our experiences within the industry. Their knowledge is priceless and it has made this experience more that I could've hoped for.


What’s been your greatest memory studying at The Masters so far?

The people. Hands down it is the people that I get to see every week. I really didn't think I would make any friends during this process, but I'll tell you now, these girls are lifelong friends. Every single day I laugh so much that my face hurts, and when things get stressful or we are rushing to get work done, we are always there for each other going down the street to get some Chinese food or sitting outside during lunch having a good rant.


Also, as much as our trainers are our educators, you can tell that they want the best for you. They will answer every question you have, give you valuable feedback, and if you're struggling with anything, they will put their time and effort into helping you. The Masters community is unlike any other, and I know that's the main thing I will miss.


What is your advice for anyone starting their journey in the beauty industry and considering studying with TM

Go for it. I think a lot of us can be very afraid of following our dreams because it can be hard and frightening, but there really is no time like the present to invest in yourself. If you're wanting to receive valuable knowledge and industry tips, whilst being part of a supportive and thriving community of creatives, The Masters is the place for you. I am so glad I chose to study here; I don't think I have enough works to explain how grateful I am.


What are your ultimate career goals?
Where do I begin? I would love to have my own mobile beauty business, hiring beauty therapists to bring treatments to people’s houses who may be too busy to visit a salon. I would also love to open a training school in Papua New Guinea, a place in which the employment rate is low, and poverty rates are high. I would love to educate those with a passion for beauty and get them closer to achieving their dreams. But for now, I'm looking forward to continuing my Diploma, working in the salon, and hopefully focusing more on skin and journeying with clients to achieving their best self.


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