In our VETDSS Programs, our students take their first step towards their dream careers in the worlds of beauty and hairdressing to provide them with relevant industry experience and kickstart their career. This award is a celebration of the dedication and emerging talents that promise a vibrant future and forging a unique path in the career of hair artistry and beauty services. 

We would like to congratulate the 2023 winners of our SHB30121 Certificate III in Beauty Services, Maryann Pisanelli and SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant, Zahara Gruar. 

We chatted with Maryann and Zahara about their experiences with us and Awards Night, check out their stories below.

What have you loved most about your course or time at The Masters?

Maryann: I have loved how all the girls I am learning with make me feel comfortable and it’s a judge free environment. I love The Masters curriculum and the way they teach. I have had Chelsea and she has been such a good mentor and I have learnt a lot with her teaching techniques. 

Zahara: I have loved being able to try new things and really get stuck in. I have also loved all the girls in my class as we are all so supportive of each other and help each other. I have also loved bringing in my friends from school, my sister and mum,  as I got to practice what I had learnt on the paying models.  At The Masters, I love how friendly everyone is and how welcoming and accepting the The Masters Institute of Creative Education is for everyone.

Can you tell us your favourite memory from studying at The Masters?

Maryann: I have multiple memories at The Masters however my favourite would be the day the beauty student’s experienced yoga/meditation. I loved feeling relaxed and all stretched out. 

Zahara: There are so many amazing memories I have made throughout the year, including making so many new friends, learning so many new skills and tricks from the awesome teachers and building my confidence in the hairdressing industry. But I have to say my favourite memory, I would be doing my friend Kyah's hair as I was really happy with how it turned out. I did a blow wave and I was so proud of myself and she looks so pretty.

VETDSS students
Maryann Pisanelli (Left) & Zahara Gruar (Right)


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maryann: In 5 years I see myself succeeding in my beauty career. By then I am hoping to have completed Cert III and Diploma to help me gain experience so I can continue working at Beauty On Rose to keep learning on ways to critique myself so I can create my own business within the beautician avenue and hopefully have it successfully running so I can finally explore and go on holiday. 

Zahara: In five years, I see myself working full-time as a qualified hairdresser. But before that I want to get my full qualification and basic skills down pat. Once I am qualified and complete my apprenticeship I want to  travel the world so I can get inspired by how Hairdressing works in different countries. I would then like to return to Australia with my creative and technical skills down pat and offer my clients global hair styles and techniques. Next year I’m in year 12, so I’d love to start my school based apprenticeship. Which would give me a head start on my apprenticeship and still be able to finish VCE. 

Do you have any advice for any students who are wanting to excel in your industry?

Maryann:  My advice would be to never give up and always try your hardest on what you want, as you never know what you are capable of unless you try and if you have the right mindset you can accomplish anything. I would also advise the student that if you don’t enjoy what you are learning then the industry probably isn’t for you as when you enjoy something you will continue to learn more and will continue to do the things you like. 

Zahara: My advice for students who want to excel in your industry, would be to always try your best and never give up. It’s not always going to look good and you're not going to  know how to do it the first time, but if you keep trying and ask for help you will eventually get the hang of it and it will start to come naturally to you. I won't give up on the first try. 


“Being able to complete a Cert II salon assistant while still being in school, as a VET subject was very beneficial for me as I am able to have a lot more understanding of how the Hairdressing world works. I have been able to learn heaps of new skills from the other girls in my class and the teachers which has been very beneficial while I'vex been at work placement to put my new skills into practice.”

“I have really loved the opportunity to be able to learn in a different style of education, and being able to go to The Masters every Wednesday in the city was the highlight of my week. I completely recommend this opportunity to anyone else in year 11 and 12 because it gives you a great opportunity and gives you a head start in your hairdressing career.”