With the perfect “hard work pays off mentality,” Rachel has always known that the Beauty industry is where she belongs. That’s how she managed to land a role while still at school, and during the pandemic at that!

Now, she’s working at Lekeyah Salon as a Beauty Therapist, working her magic to make every client feel welcomed, relaxed and good about themselves. We got a chance to pick her brain about how she’s always prepared for her study and career in Beauty.



Tell us a little about yourself.

Beauty is something I always had an interest in and something I knew I was good at! I was over working in your everyday 9-5 jobs when I could be doing something I loved every day knowing each day would be different.


Tell us about your role at Lekeyah Salon

Every day is different which I love! My day could consist of waxing, nails, massages, facials, makeup, tans, tinting and more! Or it could be a full day of just the one or two types of treatments! My favourite treatments to do would definitely be facials and massages because I was making the clients feel relaxed! Hearing them fall asleep is such a compliment.


What are some of the opportunities working at Lekeyah Salon that you have done?

Working at Lekeyah I’ve now got the opportunity to go to the ABIAs in Sydney which is super exciting! I also love being a part of their makeup team doing bridal and bridesmaid makeup for wedding.


Tell us about working as a professional beauty therapist

Working as a professional beauty therapist is so much as every day is different, which you can’t get in most 9-5 jobs. It is so rewarding to make people feel happy within themselves from a pamper session big or small!


How did your role at Lekeyah Salon come about?

I saw that Lekeyah was looking for a beauty therapist, so I went in the next day with my resume and asked to speak to the boss. From there she had reached out a few months later and asked if I would like to come in for a trial, from there I got the job!


What does it feel like to land a job before you have graduated and also in the middle of a pandemic?

It felt like such an accomplishment. I thought it would have been so difficult to get a job after I graduated and thought it would be even harder due to Covid. But after finding out that I managed to land a job while still at school I felt all the hard work had paid off and so proud of myself!


Aside from your work at Lekeyah Salon, did you participate in any other opportunities through Agency T.M.?

I was able to participate in webinars online through Covid for ASPECT which was fantastic.


How do you feel TM helped prepare you to work in the industry?

T.M helped me prepare for the industry the most in the last term by running our assessments with client bookings, just how a salon is run. That helped give me a perspective on how timeframes are run in a salon and how important they are.


What’s been your greatest memory studying at The Masters so far?

Getting massages every weeks for 2 terms.


What is your advice for anyone starting their journey in the beauty industry and considering studying with TM?

Take it seriously. If you want to be there you’ll make it evident and do the work you’re meant to. Don’t take days off and show up prepared and looking the part. If you put in the work you will be rewarded!!


What are your ultimate career goals?

Be able to make 6 figures a year after furthering my education and making my business



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