Join our beauty students on an incredible journey to the Peninsula Hot Springs in Mornington! Our students discovered the magical link between inner peace and outer radiance. Not only do our students talk the talk, but they also walk the walk, practising what they preach to their clients. This excursion provides the ideal opportunity for our students to escape the daily grind and find serenity in the rejuvenating mineral-rich waters.


The Art of Thermal Bathing

The students hopped into different geothermal pools with varying water temperatures and minerals. Each pool targeted different aspects of well-being. As the students explored the various pools, they were able to experience firsthand the unique benefits of the hot springs water. The gentle warmth soothed their muscles, relieving tension and reducing stress, whilst the mineral-rich water nourished their skin, making them feeling refreshed and radiant. 

We asked one of our beauty students, Jazz Paton, what she thought about the geothermal pools! “The hot springs was amazing! I feel like it was a great experience to have a relaxing day to reconnect with each other and ourselves!” - Jazz

 Fire & Ice Therapy 

During an energising workshop, the students were invigorated by the powers of hot and cold therapy in state-of-the-art saunas and ice plunge pools. In addition to hot saunas, the students also experienced the benefits of the Ice Cave, a cooling sanctuary that stimulated circulation and gave them a refreshing burst of energy. 

Holistic Wellness Practices

But the fun didn’t stop at the pools. Students participated in wellness activities including meditation, yoga and mindful walks through the garden. They practised relaxation techniques and how to handle stressful events. The activities helped them to discover the power of connecting with nature and that taking care of their bodies and minds is just as important as any beauty treatment. 

Guided by experts, they learned about the importance of nourishing their bodies through healthy nutrition, mindfulness and self-acceptance. The excursion served as a reminder that it’s about taking care of yourself and accepting who you are. They discovered the importance of eating well, being mindful and loving themselves. At the end of the lesson, they realised that true beauty shines from within. 

At the end of the day we spoke to Miriam about her experience at the hot springs. “What an amazing experience it was! We all left with a renewed commitment to self-care and the knowledge of how to practise holistic wellness. This excursion has been beyond inspiring, pampering ourselves with natural ingredients, and understanding the beauty behind relaxation practices was an educational and entertaining adventure. We can’t wait for many more exciting trips like this one. Until next time! - Miriam