Forget everything you’ve been taught about winter fashion and layering, whether you learned from your mum dressing you as a kid or you developed your own methods. We're here to set the record straight on winter fashion.

Layering in winter is super simple and depending on your study/work space, there is a tailored method that suits individual environments and of course, the world outside. 


Step 1: Keep Your Torso Warm

The key is to keep your torso warm - you can do this by wearing a t-shirt made out of cotton or viscose. These go-to fabrics are natural fibres that will allow breathability and stop the wind from flowing in. Note: avoid polyester - whilst it keeps the heat in, it also traps sweat, which isn’t ideal.


Step 2: Layer A Warm, Wooly Jumper

The next step to layering is wearing a jumper that is made out of majority wool.  If you’re in Australia, then you’re lucky because we are abundant in merino wool! They insulate the body with heat and are perfect for the winter months. 

Another great reason to wear wool knits is that they're lightweight and they look sleek, so you can avoid feeling like you're wearing a mountain of fabrics. Alternatively, you can choose to wear a cotton top or a jumper and layer it with a wool coat.

How to style them:

Winter fashion is great because it's so versatile! Wool knits look great styled over t-shirts, layered with a puffer, vest, trench coat or a jacket. They can be also paired nicely with a mid length skirt, denim, boots, sneakers, you name it! They go perfectly from desk to dusk, with a simple change of your bottoms and shoes. 

Note: If your choice of wool is itchy, there are plenty of ways to soften the wool using conditioner and other hacks online! Google and find a method that suits you best. Meanwhile, you can wear a long sleeved top inside. 

Step 3: Cover Your Ankles

Another handy tip, which is simple and overlooked, cover your ankles!

If you’re sporting sneakers or shoes that expose your ankles, that makes a huge difference to how your body reacts to the cold as cold travels from the bottom up! 

Day to day, we hear friends complain about being cold. Whilst they’re layered up top, their ankles are exposed to the wind.

We recommend opting for boots on a night out or styling some cute, on-trend socks to keep your ankles covered and ensure you’re feeling cosy as ever.

Follow these simple winter fashion tips and you’re in for a durable, warm, and stylish winter.

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