At The Masters, we’re passionate about providing our students with the best possible industry opportunities available while they complete their course. We chatted to Fashion Business student Lauryn Sealey Brown about the internships and experiences she’s undertaken throughout her studies. Read all about her amazing experiences at MaxMediaLab, Agency B & Co., and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m studying a Bachelor of Fashion Business at Holmes Institute Fashion and I’ll be graduating at the end of the year! I’ve been interested in fashion from a young age—I’ve always loved watching runways and seeing the latest collections, so in high school I decided to take my interest further and make a career out of it. I have always been set on working in a creative field, so fashion business just felt right.

Tell us about your internship!

I’m finishing up a public relations internship with MaxMediaLab at the moment. Agency T.M. found the role for me and helped me secure it! It’s been a three month role and I’ve learned so much, from social media research and content creation to organising press send-outs for the most amazing brands. I’ve been able to explore a different side to public relations and work with brands that I love and use like Fenty Skin and Beauty, Ralph Lauren, and Biossance. It’s been so exciting!

Is the MaxMediaLab office as amazing as everyone says it is?

The MaxMediaLab office is beyond amazing! It’s super stunning—Steve Cordony worked on the space to create an upscale and lavish office. They’ve even got an in-house spa! Lynette Phillips had it installed as a treat for employees if they ever need a facial or treatment before an event or as a pick-me-up through the week.

Everyone in the office is so accommodating and kind; it’s turned what could be an intimidating experience into such an enriching experience. From the reception staff to the public relations team that I’ve grown close to, it’s been such a refreshing environment to learn in.



Have you been able to attend a MML event? If so, are they as amazing in real life as they are on Insta?

I haven’t had the opportunity to attend an event, but I have been able to assist in the preparation for a lot of events! Just last week, MaxMediaLab was hosting their annual MaxShowcase, wherein they promote their clients’ latest launches and most popular products, and introduce any new brands they are working with! It’s so rewarding being able to see the results of my work on social media after the event, seeing influencers at the event experiencing products and brands that I’ve been so lucky to work with.

What other industry experiences have you undertaken throughout your studies?

The first internship I completed was at Agency B & Co., working with amazing industry veteran Sally Burleigh. Agency T.M. helped me source and secure this role too! It was such an amazing experience and really helped shape my goals for the future. My internship there lasted six months and ended up turning into a paid internship, which was so rewarding! I gained a lot of friendships working there, which have provided me with some amazing lifelong industry connections.

The role helped me decide that working in public relations and marketing is where I see myself long-term. Working closely with an iconic brand like COS was so exciting. I did a lot of work with content creation, event preparation, and client reporting. Having that experience as well as my experience at MaxMediaLab has allowed me to experience different working environments and work cultures. 

I also got the opportunity through Agency T.M. to volunteer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in my first year of study. It was so nerve-wracking, but one of the biggest highlights of my life! Being able to experience and view collections before everyone else is such an exciting privilege and a taste of what it is like to work in the industry.

How have you found your internship experiences? Is there anything about working in-industry that has surprised you?

Holmes Institute prepared me really well for internships and my future career. Speaking with lecturers about internship and job opportunities has allowed me to understand more of what day-to-day life is like working in the industry and what to expect from future roles. I’ve learned firsthand the importance of collaborating with other creatives through working with my classmates. Especially within the last year through Covid-19, I’ve learned more than ever to adapt and be flexible when working with others, as well as improving my skills in working to a deadline.

What attracted you to Holmes Institute Fashion’s Bachelor of Fashion Business?

I started studying at Holmes Institute in 2019 after doing a lot of research into fashion business and marketing courses. I toured the campus and immediately felt a good vibe! Nowhere else I looked into just didn’t have the same amazing feel as Holmes Institute Fashion did. I fell in love with the ambience of the college! Then learning about the industry opportunities that Holmes Institute Fashion facilitates, I knew it was the perfect course for me. 

What are your goals for after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to secure a role in marketing, creative direction, or public relations. Further down the line, I’m hoping to open my own business! I’ve been working on my company in assignments for about a year and with the help of my Major Project this year, I will have more than just the fundamentals ready for a successful brand.

What is your advice for anyone starting their journey in fashion business and considering studying with us?

Studying at Holmes Institute has provided me with the unique advantage of learning from current and successful industry professionals as well as studying alongside like-minded individuals. Starting any course can be intimidating, but it  provides an amazing education if you are passionate about working in the fashion industry.

My biggest pieces of advice for new or current students are to work with your peers and manage your time well. Plan out your assessments and don’t wait until the last minute to complete them—I fell into that trap in my first year and I was never 100% happy with or proud of the work I was producing. Collaborate with your peers—it will make your studying experience so much easier and more fun, and will set you up with industry contacts in the future. It also gives you a great support system!

Lastly, enjoy it as much as you can! There is so much room for creativity and originality. Study brands that you have always admired and create products or work you are genuinely interested in, and it will make your course so enjoyable. Take any industry opportunity available to you—it can only benefit you in the long run. Whether it’s volunteering at Fashion Week, applying for internships, or even just staying behind in class one day to talk to your teacher or classmates, Holmes Institute Fashion provides its students with so many resources and experiences—utilise them!

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