Ever wondered what it’s like to get a job in your industry while you are still studying? Fashion Business student Laurielie Casal did just that! She scored an incredible role as Logistics & Wholesale Administrator at Giorgio Armani before she graduated. Find out about the role and her journey to landing it below…

Tell us a little about yourself.

My interest and love for fashion honestly began when I was little playing with Bratz dolls! You could say that this was my first exposure to fashion. But as I grew older and became exposed to luxury designers like Louis Vuitton and YSL, I just fell completely in love with it. I knew from a young age that my main career aspiration was to work for a luxury fashion brand within the areas of press, marketing, buying or communications.

This led me to eventually commence my studies in fashion. What attracted me to studying Fashion Business at Holmes Institute Fashion was the subject range and the concept of studying creative subjects like styling and marketing as well as the more business units such as buying and financial decision—this course provided me with the perfect balance between the two and made my career goal achievable.

Image courtesy of Laurielie Casal

What is it like working at Giorgio Armani?

The office itself is a true reflection of Giorgio Armani - Luxury. This past month working at Giorgio Armani has been the best experience to date! I am happy and feel confident about myself and the work I produce. My fellow colleagues are super supportive, they allow me to work individually to build up my confidence and also so inspiring. Not everyday is the same; each day is unique where I am constantly learning new things like new systems, processes, types of data, product collections etc. I know its early days but I truly see myself progressing with the company and maybe down the track managing! So far it is everything I have expected.

Tell us about your role there.

My current role is Logistics & Wholesale Administrator. I am currently working between two roles since both departments need administrative support. For the logistics aspect, I process shipment invoices, track shipments, conduct an intense amount of data entry, utilise SAP systems, communicate with couriers and other departments of the business and create shipments to and from the company. As for my wholesale role, I am responsible for creating VA plans for our clients (David Jones etc.), assisting merchandise coordinator, creating spreadsheets and data entry on stock on hand, client project collaborations (current project), client servicing and persuading clients to purchase collections and fashion assistant duties like steaming garments and putting them in garment bags.

There are so many opportunities to progress into and I am so excited to continue to work with Giorgio Armani!

I landed this role by working extremely hard - creating an excellent but simple resume, an exceptional cover letter and a great LinkedIn profile. I applied for a position for Giorgio Armani and didn't get it; however, they reached out to me for another position that was not yet advertised. I told them I couldn’t work full time, so they created a part time position for me—I’m so thankful!

Giorgio Armani offices Australia

Image courtesy of Laurielie Casal

Before landing your role at Giorgio Armani, had you undertaken any opportunities through Agency T.M.?

I have undertaken internships as a Social Media Assistant at Ministry of Style and a Fashion Assistant role for Marie Claire Magazine.

Is there anything about working in-industry that has surprised you? Do you feel like your course has prepared you well for working in fashion business?

To be honest, my course has prepared me exceptionally well. My subjects have given me a foundation on what I am doing now which I am so grateful for. 

What has been your greatest memory of studying with us so far? What aspects of the course or college have you especially enjoyed?

Definitely studying the subjects with my classmates who I formed close friendships with! Offering each other help and advice on all our assessments and projects. The lecturers are super inspiring and I am so glad I got to have them as mentors! Special thanks to Dominique for being so insightful and giving me unconditional advice!

What is your advice for anyone who aspires to work in fashion business or who's thinking of studying at Holmes Institute Fashion?

If you love fashion and love business - DO IT. Best decision I have ever made.

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