Afterpay Australia Fashion Week 2022… we were definitely impressed. This year event sparked so much life and colour throughout each show, highlighting the drive for culture, diversity, and forward-thinking. There were so many moments that left us begging for more. 


We have shared our most memorable moments from AAFW 2022.


First on our list is Dyspnea. Colour, energy, and god damn life. This show was a stand-out. The Dyspnea team hit the brief for diversity. We could feel the inclusivity of ethnicity and bodies throughout the show, it was awesome to see. 

The collection was excessive, loud, full of glitter, sequins, ruffles and we all were OBSESSED. Honestly, who doesn’t love sequins and glitter? These pieces embodied elegance and grace. "The Dyspnea show was fricking incredible! Bridgerton with a hint of retro 70s vibes." - Rhiannon, Class of 2022

Read more about what she has to say here! 


Karla Špetić was another stand-out for us at T.M. This show encapsulated all of the senses from the visual textures and shapes of the clothing to the theatrical sounds that filled the room. It was an experience that went beyond fashion, showcasing their attention to detail with makeup and hair. Leaving their audience in nostalgia and reflection.

“Karla Špetić’s 2023 Resort collection was an exciting, thematic ode to Jaws, and American Y2K beach culture. The collection features sleek silhouettes styled in monochromatic sequence. Black and White sheer, body-con jumpsuits contrasted with bright Pink and Blue tailoring and delicately draped swimwear.

The collection was visually bold, yet minimally constructed. Cut-outs were a constant thematic characteristic amongst the collection, lending to the sound design which featured the iconic Jaws theme and summer pop music from the era. The show featured both a bold and feminine interpretation of the iconic celebrity fashion pictorials that frequented magazines in the 2000’s.” - Tomis, Class of 2022




Western Australia, Sustainable swimwear label Gyre's collection was a lesson in letting the silhouettes do the talking as well as highlighted our progress in fashion as they welcomed transgender model, speaker, author, and activist, Chaye Hartwell for her debut show, which made a positive statement on diversity and inclusion on the runway. It was incredible for our students to be a part of this mark in fashion history.

"The makeup choice is paired perfectly,  with a soft sheen orange lip, and fresh, and balmy skin to represent those warm Western Australian sunsets. The makeup is strong and confident, yet feminine, fresh and sophisticated". Bianca, Class of 2022



Alix Higgins 

Alix Higgins, dedicated the show to their mother which made the collection super special. 

This show was overall spectacular and again diverse. The models were seen with no footwear and some with red painted feet, this made the entire collection feel grounded. Higgins is unexpected. The collection was minimalistic but bold through the choice of colour and billowing silhouettes that graced the runway. 

“Something about this collection showcased movement, I felt Higgins pieces were mimicking moments in their mother’s relationship. I absolutely love when a designer has intention.” Dani, Class of 2023