International Fashion Business student Amanda Yorioka scored a job in the industry when she was still in her 2nd year of study. Today, Amanda is the Brand Manager at Viceta Wang. Find out about the role and her journey to landing it below…


What was your path to Holmes Institute Fashion and why did you choose to study the Bachelor of Fashion Business?

I think my experience is a bit different from other students. I am originally from Brazil and have been working in the Fashion Industry for over 10 years. I started working as a fashion assistant in 2008 before graduating and then I ran a small creative studio with my partner that provided textile design, branding, and other services for medium-large fashion brands in Brazil.

I moved to Australia in 2016 to study English. Australia and Brazil have very different fashion markets and I decided to study here to understand the Australian market, behaviors, and the local industry. I went to a T.M. UpSkill short course and met the team and loved the vibe and what Holmes Institute Fashion's Fashion Business course was about. It was a perfect match for me because I didn’t really want to learn how to sew, I was looking for a course that explores both the creative and business sides.


Amanda Yorioko

Image courtesy of Amanda Yorioko


Tell us about your role at Viceta Wang and some of the amazing opportunities that you have done?

I’ve been working collaboratively with Viceta Wang since 2018 helping with brand management, marketing campaigns, and market research. The days at work never look the same as I have the opportunity to put my hands on different things. My week can start from researching consumer trends and end by planning a campaign shoot.

I have conceptualized, planned, and executed campaign shoots as well as two runways. Working collaboratively with different professionals and learn from them is something that I really value. I also have the opportunity to work more independently when researching market trends or designing a website.


So, you get to plan runways and campaign shoots on your own, how was that experience?

I haven’t done runways or campaign shoots in the past so was something new to me. I really learned everything from my degree and with hands-on experience. In the beginning, it was a bit scary but Viceta always was supportive and keen to help. There are so many things to think, plan and do prior to the runway that sometimes feels heavy but is so exciting when it is happening. It's when you can see the results of everyone's hard-working paid off.


Amanda Yorioko

Image courtesy of Amanda Yorioko

That sounds like such an amazing experience! Aside from your work at Viceta Wang, have you taken on any other opportunities through Agency T.M.?

I joined the 48 hour Project T.M. photoshoot challenge, which was really fun. I also had the opportunity to work multiple times in collaboration with other Fashion and HAMU students runways and shoot campaigns. Agency T.M also helped with my first Fashion Show for Viceta Wang.


What does it feel like to land a job before you have graduated?

I feel super lucky that I could apply the knowledge that I learned from my degree at work, in real time, in daily tasks.


Is there anything about working in-industry that has surprised you?

I am consistently being surprised by the positive changes in the fashion industry. The shift for more sustainable and ethical practices. I love seeing that fashion is more than a colour trend, but as a tool for a more diverse, inclusive, and ethical world.


Amanda Yorioko

Image courtesy of Amanda Yorioko 

What are your ultimate career goals?

My ultimate career goal is to contribute to a more ethical and sustainable industry. It might be running my own business, it might be a creative service, it might be a magazine, I don't know yet but I really want to support ethical and sustainable businesses and organisations in my work.


How do you feel Holmes Institute Fashion helped prepare you to work in the industry?

I feel my college helped so much to understand market opportunities, data, economics, legal, cash flow, management, and all these business aspects to run a fashion company. The course has also helped me so much to understand what I like to do, what are my aspirations and how is important to put my own perspective and all these creative aspects into your work.

Holmes Institute Fashion has helped me to manage and work with other professionals within the fashion industry. I was lucky to studied Sustainability and Circular economy across different units, and I feel proud to see that my college is pushing students to move into a more sustainable and ethical industry.


What’s been your greatest memory studying with us?

Honestly, there is no one greatest memory. I feel the best memories are when I remember how the prac-ademics taught us with so much passion and knowledge, that I really felt inspired and curious to always learn more.


What is your advice for anyone starting their journey in the fashion business industry and considering studying with Holmes Institute Fashion?

My advice is.. get to it! The industry really needs fresh eyes, creative people trying to seeing things differently to change what is bad in the industry into something good. Holmes Institute Fashion has an amazing team of prac-ademics, they have extensive experience and work in the industry for a long time, they know what’s happening. If you’re ready to listen they will help you.


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