Looking to study fashion business but don’t know where to begin? You may be looking to study a formal fashion business course, a career change, or eager to upskill, but are feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve broken down our two qualifications so you can decide which is the best fit for you.

Both an undergraduate certificate and a bachelor's qualification are higher education courses, which means to qualify you’ll need to have successfully completed your VCE or equivalent. 

Keep reading to understand the difference between the two qualifications. 

Undergraduate Certificate:

An Undergraduate Certificate is an introductory qualification that is a level below a Bachelor Degree. It consists of four units and takes three months to complete if you study full-time.  

It’s a great way to test out a Bachelor Degree
The Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Business is essentially a taster for the Bachelor of Fashion Business course. This course is made up of the first four subjects from the Bachelor of Fashion Business degree.

You can use the course to see what studying the Bachelor of Fashion Business is like, without committing to longer study. And after three months, you get to walk away with a nationally recognised qualification.  

It gives you a pathway into a degree
It’s very popular to enrol in an Undergraduate Certificate as a pathway into a higher qualification. Once you finish your certificate, you can use it to satisfy the entry criteria for the related Bachelor of Fashion Business degree. Your certificate can also count as credit towards that degree, reducing your study load and course fees.

So can you get a job with an Undergraduate Certificate? 

If you’re looking for an entry-level role in an industry that requires a bachelor's degree, then you’ll need further study before you’re fully qualified. The good news is, your Undergraduate Certificate is an important first step there.  

Bachelor's qualification:

A bachelor's degree is the highest level of an undergraduate degree. You'll study a bachelor's degree to gain theoretical and technical knowledge in several areas of practice. 

The Bachelor of Fashion Business is made up of 24 units, which are studied over six trimesters. 

Degrees provide a deeper and more complex understanding of the industry, allowing students to gain skills and knowledge so they are fully equipped to handle the rapidly changing sector.

Fasttrack your Bachelor Degree
The traditional pathway sees students undertake two trimesters per year, completing the full degree in three years.

We also offer an accelerated ‘Fasttrack’ study option for students who are keen to get working and established in the fashion industry right away. By undertaking an additional trimester during the traditional Summer break, students complete three trimesters in a single year and complete the full 6 trimesters across a two year period. You still get a Summer break, but it’s shorter to ensure you have time to complete your studies. 

Meet Laurielie - Fashion Business Alumni

Laurielie scored an incredible role as Logistics & Wholesale Administrator at Giorgio Armani before she graduated from her Bachelor of Fashion Business at HI.

“What attracted me to studying Fashion Business at Holmes Institute of Fashion was the subject range and the concept of studying creative subjects like styling and marketing as well as the more business units such as buying and financial decision—this course provided me with the perfect balance between the two and made my career goal achievable.” 

You are now ready to take the next step toward an incredible career in Fashion Business. Check the courses out here!