We are excited to announce Fatima as the Fashion Business Creative of the Year for 2023. The Fashion Business Creative of the year award is awarded to the student who has excelled in their studies and has shown outstanding determination in the creative industry. 

Fatima Fashion Business Creative of the Year 2023


As a student in the creative industry, Fatima not only showcases a keen sense of style but also possesses a remarkable ability to transform her creative ideas into thriving business ventures. With an eye for innovation and commitment to her goals, she has emerged as a true trailblazer in the fashion industry. 

Fatima Fashion Business Creative of the Year 2023

We chatted to Fatima about her experience studying at Holmes Institute Fashion and explored the secret behind her success.


What does winning this award mean to you?

I am very thrilled to have won this award. I never thought I deserved or even capable of winning such a significant award. During my studies, this award has proven that I am capable of the best and produce the best work that also aligns with my own personal interests and values. 

When things were tough, how did you stay focused and not give up?

I always look to the future and do my very best. Knowing that I am doing my best keeps me focused and hopeful. Sometimes just doing it is best and not overthinking it. 

What advice would you give to other students who want to excel in your field?

Just do it. Don’t overthink or stress about your capabilities. Fake it till you make it. Give your 200% effort and with time the results will show you that it was worth it.

What are you currently doing in the industry?

I am focused on my studies for the moment but as a hobby I am trying to grow my skills to test my market and capability.

Can you share your favourite opportunities or experiences that you had at Holmes Institute Fashion?

The best opportunity was the right lecturers that really pushed me to achieve the best. They gave valuable feedback and criticism that I use to improve myself.

The Fashion Business Creative of the Year 2023 award is sponsored by Mutual Muse.