Last week, our Melbourne campus was buzzing with the sounds of our awesome school holiday workshops. The Masters hosted students from all over who were keen to learn more about the creative industries. We ran hair, makeup, and fashion courses and we were blown away with the amount of talent we saw throughout the week! We sat down with some of the incredible young creatives who were involved in these courses—Mariah from makeup and Tyler, Millie, and Erin from fashion—and chatted to them about this whirlwind of a week. 




How were you feeling before the course started? How are you feeling now that you’re finished with the course?

Erin: Coming in, I was really doubting myself. I thought there were going to be so many people who are so talented and who have done this so often, and I thought my stuff wouldn’t compare. But these past four days have made me recognise that it’s way more than that. Throughout the week I’ve learned to believe in myself because I’ve definitely seen that the more faith I’ve put in myself, the better outcomes I’ve been seeing on the page. The whole process of designing is really interesting.

Tyler: I was really nervous about it because I thought we’d have to do lots of things that I haven’t done before, but I’ve enjoyed it SO much. It’s so much more than just putting garments and seams together—it’s about the whole creative process. I’ve had the best time.

Millie: I was super excited! I love fashion and I love to sew so it was really exciting to do something a bit different that’s not part of a normal classroom. Through this course I’ve really discovered the creative direction that I’d like to go in. Now I know the sort of things I want to do and want to create.



Have you discovered any hidden talents or new skills?

Mariah: I’ve actually discovered that I’m really good at choosing colours. I’ve really enjoyed doing face charts. It’s given me the chance to try my hand at drawing and colour matching and they help me see the differences between my shades, which helps me pick out the right products.

Tyler: I’ve realised that I really like doing fashion illustration. I’ve never been great at drawing anything, but I was trying it out this week and I was surprised that I was actually really liking it! So I’d love to explore that area some more.

Erin: Because I’m the one who’s usually wearing the clothes, it was very interesting for me to come and see what it’s like to actually design it and do it all myself. I’d really never thought it was as difficult as it was. I knew it was challenging, but doing it for even four days was so interesting; being able to get a glimpse of the knowledge that goes behind it—it’s not just drawing something and creating it. There’s a whole mindset behind it—knowing what you want to do and putting yourself into that piece of work. I’ve learned a lot.



Any words of advice for anyone who missed out this year, but wants to get involved in mid-year courses?

Tyler: Just do it! You’ve gotta put yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. What have you got to lose?

Mariah: I would definitely recommend doing it—it’s super fun and the girls have been really nice and welcoming and inviting. You get to be in an amazing environment where you get to choose from such a wide range of products and get to experiment without having to worry about messing up.

Erin: I’ve created so many friendships while I’ve been here; everything behind the scenes is so much more interesting. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, and when you do experience it, it’s so interesting and fun learning about the creative process and learning about yourself. There’s so many things I’ve learned about myself these past few days that I didn’t know before.

Millie: If you’re unsure, then go in and just experience it. It is a lot of fun. I was SO nervous, but I got here and it was so welcoming and I felt really comfortable. By the end of the first day, I didn’t want it to end and I wanted to stay here! Can I just drop out of school already and come study here instead?!



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