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The Future of the Fashion Industry in a Post-COVID world: Virtual Panel Discussion | Melbourne Fashion Week 2020

A global consciousness has arisen in every industry. There is an immediate and urgent demand for innovation in all business models. Now more than ever, community and collaboration need to be present for survival in this new world.


Throughout history, fashion has always placed itself at the epicenter of change. All of the old systems have been laid bare by a global pandemic and an upheaval of all current fashion business systems. As an industry, fashion must reflect on itself and stretch its creativity, we are in a period in which so much must be reimagined.


The Masters Institute of Creative Education is bringing in industry leaders across multiple industry practices to speak about fashion design, textiles, technology, media and public relation trends around the world, inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset and to discuss these three main points:


1: How was the area of the fashion industry they work in operating pre COVID?

2: What has happened within this sector since March 2019?

3: What will this sector look like post COVID and how will it get there?   


Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • Tuesday 24th November | 6.00PM

Location: Melbourne|Sydney

Fees: $15.00

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