1. Prime and powder your lids

Do you ever find by the end of the day that your eyeshadow has almost completely disappeared? Try priming and powdering your lids! Doing this will instantly increase the longevity of your shadow, making it last throughout the whole day and into the night. All you need to do is apply an eye primer over both your lids, cover with your favourite concealer, and apply a powder over the top to set your concealer in place. Just like that, you're ready for shadow application!

2. Foundation on the neck and ears

This is a simple step that even the best of us forget. Always make sure to blend your foundation into your neck as well as on and around your ears to create a flawless base. This will help to prevent any harsh foundation lines and create an even skin tone. This one simple step will make your look that little bit more polished!

3. Colour correcting

Do you ever get frustrated after concealing that there’s still a little bit of peeping through, or that those stubborn circles under your eyes from lack of sleep aren't going away? Using a cream colour corrector mixed with a bit of concealer will instantly get rid of any discolouration on the skin! Green will cancel out any redness on the face, peach will cancel out those purple circles under your eyes, and a lilac purple will get rid of any dullness in the skin and bring it back to life.

4. Line and prime your lips

Implementing a good lip liner in your daily routine is the key to a gorgeous (and lasting!) lip moment. Use liner to line your lips and then continue filling in your lips—layering your lip liner with a matching lipstick will perfect your pout!

5. Brushing your brows before adding product

This is a great way to create full, feathered brows. Brush them upwards and outwards. Then follow that with the same action using your brow products. To set your brows in place, spray some hairspray onto a spoolie and brush through your brows once again to make sure your look lasts.

Bonus tip! Want to add some extra definition to your look with an effortless approach? Try tight lining! Tight lining is a simple makeup technique: apply eyeliner to the inside of the upper lash line. This will make your lashes appear thicker and fuller and pull together any makeup look.

Written by Nikky Webb