Are you someone who’s always on the go and you find yourself constantly digging through your bag to find your perfume or makeup for a touch up? We feel you—that’s why we were so excited to hear about Pressplay Cosmetics, who came up with an amazing solution for that issue. We couldn’t wait to chat to Kate, the founder of Pressplay, about how Pressplay began, how it’s grown, and their goals for the company’s future! Read all about it below…

Tell us a bit about Pressplay Cosmetics.

Pressplay Cosmetics is centred around the innovative Pressplay Cosmetics capsule. Designed to suit the modern, busy lifestyle, the capsule is a protective case that is around the size of a smartphone, stores 7 Pressplay products, and includes a mirror to suit on-the-go application.

The cosmetics themselves are cruelty free, long lasting, versatile, and formulated in laboratories around Australia and Europe, so they are of the highest quality. Over the past year, our collection has been rapidly expanding and you will find a selection of powders, glosses, face paints, concealers, eye products, and skincare. We also now have a perfume, Napoleon! He is absolutely divine.

Where did the idea for Pressplay come from? How did Pressplay come to life?


A lack of time! I was juggling my own business, a toddler, and everything else that life throws our way. Quality skincare and makeup have always been important to me, so when I couldn’t find a solution, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one out there looking for a streamlined, high quality routine that could go anywhere with you. And like that, the idea of Pressplay was born.

After around 2 years of research, testing and development, I was ready to launch the capsule and a range of cosmetics. It was risky to launch so much at once, but the concept only worked if there was a selection of products—and I am so glad I did. The feedback has been incredible and now, when I’m pressed for time, I can simply pop my prepped capsule in my bag and do my makeup once I get into the office or the car.

How has Pressplay grown since its conception? What have been some highlights for the brand?

It hasn’t stopped growing and I hope it never does! From conception to now, the capsule has had a revamp and our product range has continued to grow, with even more currently in the works right now! We are expanding our concealer range to suit a wider range of skin tones and I am so excited for their upcoming official release.

We’ve had so many highlights. The launch was… wow. It made it all real. And then that first sale, knowing that someone believed in something I have created enough to purchase it is an incredible feeling. It validates all the late nights, the doubts, the stress.

What are Pressplay’s most popular products?


Currently, we’re seeing an increase in popularity of Alexander, our liquid eyeliner, and Napoleon, our perfume! In regards to our ready-to-go packs, Boss Babe and THe One are two of our most popular, especially as gifts.

Of your 25+ product range, which 3 products are absolute must-haves?
  1. Our brush, Jeffrey. It’s a vegan, all-rounder brush designed to be used with our powders or liquid products. He is so soft and blends like a dream!
  2. Concealer. Always. Our concealers are highly pigmented, meaning more for less, and they apply so smoothly and effortlessly! They blur imperfections and hide dark circles without settling into lines. 
  3. Our mascara, Christopher! Not only does he define your lashes, but he also nourishes and encourages lash growth with the addition of WidelashTM. 

Where does the inspiration for new products and collections come from?

The Pressplay family! I have been inspired by not only what I need or I feel can be improved upon, but the customer and team feedback. Take our brush for example—the people asked and I made it happen!

What makes Pressplay cosmetics superior to other cosmetics brands?

Our quality and convenience. It was important to me that our products were suitable for on-the-go prep, and this meant products that deliver. All our products are high pigment, cruelty free, and versatile.

What are the brand’s goals for the future?

To just keep expanding and offering more products to suit a wider range of people. I definitely want Pressplay to be able to adapt to any individual!

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