We finished off the semester in grand style with a fantastically inspiring talk from celebrity make-up artist Nicole 'Pinky' Thompson.

Guests were treated to an amazing live makeup tutorial, featuring two looks from Pinky's debut book "Making It Up: Makeup Minus the Rules". Pinky shared industry insights and advice from her extraordinary career and students and guests had a wonderful opportunity to chat to her in person.

Watch the highlights below:

"We as humans are always looking for validation, but sometimes people aren’t going to like you. And that’s ok. Be yourself. Be who you are and that’s all you can do."


"Everything has been done, let’s be honest, so the challenge is for you to make it your own by mixing it up"


"You can be really good at eyeliner, but if you’re an a**hole you are never going to get booked again"

Can't get enough? Watch Pinky's full interview here: