On March 10th the VAMFF Independent Runway Angel Energy Show took place, with eight independent designers coming together and collaborating to showcase their own eclectic designs—the night was filled with fashion and dance. Some of The Masters’ Melbourne makeup students were given the opportunity to work with the designers to display their artistry by creating multiple makeup looks that would complement all of the designers’ garments.

The four prominent colours of the evening were pink, purple, orange and red. Models wore a smoked-out colour wash. In most cases, a single colour was used on the eye and then smoked out in the socket to the brow. This colour was then swept over the cheekbones, to be blended into the blush and contour. Brows were pushed up with gel and kept natural, as were the lashes. A beautiful, soft highlight was placed on the high points of the face. Our makeup artists created soft, ethereal makeup looks to suit the angelic atmosphere of the show.

The makeup looked amazing paired with the designers’ garments, especially under the pink and purple lights on the runway. Keeping the makeup soft enabled the makeup not to take away from the beautiful designs presented on the runway, but rather enhance them.

It was an amazing day spent gaining experience in the industry we’re all so passionate about and seeing our looks come to life on the runway was incredible.

Written by Kate Greenaway