When I first started at The Masters, I had a measly six makeup brushes and a budding makeup addiction. Now, six months into my Diploma of Screen and Media, I have 50 makeup brushes, and an absolutely massive addiction to buying makeup. At least now I can just justify it!

The first week of the Diploma was filled with fun, an influx of information, and meeting the other students. We all clicked immediately and knew that we would be in for a great year ahead of us. Some of us were new to makeup, some of us were seasoned makeup veterans—we had a great mix of students in our class.

We were introduced to the other makeup class soon after starting, who at the time were halfway through the Diploma. Our two classes got along well, and the knowledge, experience, and assistance they were able to impart on us was invaluable; every Monday was filled with work and laughter.

A week later, we received our full kits. The heavenly scent of a freshly leathered brush roll was the first thing to hit me as we opened our kits for the very first time. We dived headfirst into makeup application. I was a little nervous, but super excited for what was to come.

We started with the basics and slowly built our way up to more extravagant makeup applications. Classic eyes, socket eyes (or, as most people call it, cut-crease), winged eyeliner, red lips, individual and strip lash application, creative, photographic, editorial, mature, male, bridal—you name it, we learned it!

Throughout the course, we’ve also had the opportunity to gain experience with hairstyling—everything from blow-drying to straightening, curling to chignons—we covered all the bases!

Having the opportunity to learn from industry professionals has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a makeup artist and has given me opportunities I’d never have previously imagined for myself. I’ve been lucky enough to work backstage at the Peter Alexander Runway assisting a makeup artist; this was an absolutely incredible, unique and fun experience. I gained insight on how runway shows work backstage—getting the models ready and watching it all come together on the stage was an invaluable experience. I have also had the opportunity to co-direct a photoshoot, receive professional photographs of our work, and hear industry professionals speak about their experiences. And has all been within the first 6 months of the course!

I have grown so much in both confidence and skills and I have developed a thorough understanding of the makeup industry. This is largely due to the amazing trainers at The Masters who genuinely care about and show interest in all of the students and who will go out of their way to help us whenever we need. Having trainers who genuinely want us to succeed makes for a perfect learning environment and makes the course the perfect choice for those interested in studying makeup.

The friends I have made will no doubt be lifelong friends, priceless industry contacts that I now have wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, and I’ve made memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I couldn’t have picked a better place to begin my journey as a makeup artist!

Written by T.M. makeup student Mikayla Royal

Instagram: @royalmakeaupartistry_

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