With Spring Street wrapped in all things Harry Potter, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show the muggle world how creative our makeup students can get! 

T.M. Diploma of Screen and Media (Makeup) students Danica, Mikayla and Caitlin took to the streets with their Harry Potter inspired looks and got to visit Imperial’s Vertic Alley Rooftop Bar for a photoshoot. Who else wishes their school days looked like this?!

Read all about their individual looks and experiences below.


As a Harry Potter lover, I was inspired by the house I would be a part of if I was a witch (Hufflepuff) and also inspired by the game played in it, Quidditch.

I’ve been studying at The Masters for a little over two years now, starting out with the Certificate III in Beauty Services. Now I’m studying the Diploma of Screen and Media and I’m loving it!

My favourite part of studying makeup specifically is learning how to analyse each person’s features, as well as being able to learn the different avenues I will be able to go down once I’ve completed my diploma.

Other than the makeup side of things, I loved how Vertic Alley had their own Australian spin on the names of each store like for example “Wizpac Bank” instead of “Westpac Bank”. Who else loves creative intelligence?!

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Hey #MastersTribe, pure blood Danica here.

This year I started studying the Diploma of Screen & Media (Makeup) with The Masters and have never looked back!

Every Monday and Tuesday I head into the city and walk along Spring Street, which has become crazy busy lately. Why? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  is playing at the Princess Theatre a few doors down and certainly knows how to pull a crowd!

Today, we got into the Hogwarts spirit and created makeup looks inspired by Harry Potter.

It’s not every day that your teacher asks you to head to a rooftop bar for a photoshoot, and how could I say no to spending class time up at Vertic Alley?

I won’t lie - the stairs were quite the challenge, but every step was worth it!

For my look I was inspired by the patronus charm and the imperius curse as well as dementors. I wanted to create a statement dramatic look, along with using my house colours (I’m a proud Slytherin if you haven’t noticed).

Aside from having my makeup displayed to the general public, one of the highlights was tasting the (non-alcoholic) butter beer with my classmates.

For me, one of my favourite parts about studying makeup is that it’s so hands on and genuinely  fun. I’ve always been a hands on learner and also creative, so this ticks all the boxes!

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Stay magical!

D x


Being a Slytherin, I wanted to do something inspired by the house, incorporating the house animal as well.  I wanted to mix a touch of creative with a glam, bright eyed look.

Having studied with The Masters since the end of January, my favourite part has been being able to explore different creative looks, and using techniques we are taught in class to further develop my skills.

I guess despite the fun of creating a Harry Potter inspired look, just being able to visit the Imperial Rooftop Vertic Alley Bar  and have a laugh with Caitlin and Danica as we were coming up with different photo ideas was so much fun.

It was a fantastic day and I’m grateful we got the opportunity to create a Harry Potter inspired look. Thank you, T.M.!

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