Interested in a career in the makeup world, minus the applications? We chatted to Judy Ly about her experience as a floor manager at Mecca in Melbourne with a team of over 100 staff in her store alone!

Having started out her career working in the beauty department at Myer to growing from a christmas casual into a leadership role at beauty hub Mecca, we chatted to Judy about her perspective on the other side of the makeup industry and what it’s like working in management in the retail sector. 


Tell me a bit about yourself!

I've been working in the makeup industry for over 8 years across a few different areas! I've worked in department stores and marketing, behind the scenes of a brand and now currently Floor Managing at Mecca.

When did your interest in makeup begin? Was makeup always on your radar as a career path?

I’ve always been interested in makeup and beauty. I worked in the beauty department early days in Myer and then took a short break before starting at Mecca. I did a short make up course to refine artistry skills. I guess makeup and beauty will never go out of style and it is always developing and evolving. Makeup plays a big part helping each person look and feel their best which I think is a key point in why makeup and beauty was always on my radar.


Tell us about your career. What was your first role in the makeup industry? What are some of the key pivotal moments that led you to become a floor manager at Chadstone Mecca?

I worked in the beauty department at Myer before Mecca and have also done Digital Marketing Consulting on the side for a cosmetics company, Montana Bliss. My first role in the makeup industry was working on the Myer shop floor in the beauty department hovering from one house beauty counter to another. (eg. Chanel, Estee Lauder)

I really enjoy the management side of the industry and helping the company grow. Some pivotal moments that led me here were really stepping up when other management was around and ensuring the floor was run smoothly. Putting my hand up to help out at other stores and always saying yes to any opportunity that came my way also helped!


What are some of the highlights so far of your career?

Some key highlights of my career at Mecca would be going to Meccaland in Sydney where I got to experience the ultimate beauty festival, attending our Mecca leadership conferences where we have a few days of jam packed motivational speakers and activities and being included in events with international brand founders.

What does a day in the life of your job look like? What's it like managing a team in a retail environment?

For me my customer is my team members. I have to ensure my whole team is comfortable and happy so they can always excel at what they do. Yes our customers come first but for us to deliver the great customer service we do it starts from the team who are on the front line everyday. It can be quite challenging sometimes managing a group of 100 especially during the holiday period but there are definitely some great highs when you see them develop and succeed in their personal goals professionally and personally.

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What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

I would definitely say give everything a go and take the leap even if you have doubts. Always go with your gut feeling and building relationships is a key. Having a team that trusts you and great support networks to fall back on will always help you get to where you want to go.

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