For many, a career in the makeup and beauty industries would be a dream come true. In 2020, the career opportunities in the beauty industry are endless, with it blowing up to become a $532 billion industry and continuing to rise. 

This comes as no surprise, with beauty influencers becoming the new celebrities and products like Maybelline’s Great lash mascara selling every two seconds. 

Thanks to this boom, opportunities for creative jobs have multiplied with countless different career pathways in the makeup sector alone.

We chatted to 5 different incredibly talented individuals who are killing it in different areas of the makeup industry.

Helen Dowsley: Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist, TV Makeup Artist founder of lash brand

Known for her work on The Bachelor & with talent including Rihanna, Chris Hemsworth, Lily Allen, Charlie XCX, Ruby Rose, Ed Sheeran and many more!

Helen Dowsley

If you’ve ever watched The Bachelor, you may have been more curious of who created that incredible soft smokey eye, rather than who will fall in love. Helen’s work stems across years in the makeup industry, having worked with an extensive list of celebrities and even developing her own lashes, worn by Amal Clooney.

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Mia Connor: Esteemed Hair + Makeup Artist  & Educator 

Known for her red carpet approach to makeup and killer Social Media feed, with a combined following of almost 200K followers.

PHOTOGRAPHER - Elizabeth Maleevsky | MODEL - Aminah @ Busy Models

Travelling the world to deliver her masterclasses to artists around the globe, Mia is incredibly passionate about teaching others, supporting this industry and inspiring artists.

Mia also has had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with big cosmetic labels producing content for them and even has her own line of products coming soon! @miaconnorcosmetics

Click here to read more about how Mia managed working full time as a paralegal whilst opening her own studio, used Social Media to grow her following and what her advice is for the next generation!

Larry Van Duynhoven: Special Effects & Prosthetics Artist

Known for his work on films such as The Nightingale, Hacksaw Ridge and Lion along with TV Shows including Glitch, Preacher and more!

From stealing his Dad’s tools and his Nanna’s pottery mix, Larry’s interest in Special Effects makeup artistry peaked at a young 10 years of age. Excited by the magic behind what made horror films frightening, Larry has now gone onto work on some of the most well known films and television shows including Hacksaw Ridge, Lion and Glitch. 

Starting out working on student films, Larry’s career accelerated into working on professional tv and film sets, all from taking the first step of mailing out a CV to a Hollywood movie coming to town and hoping for the best. With his career taking him all over the world to places he would have never expected, a career in special effects can really take you anywhere. 

Click here to read more about how Larry developed his own skills in a world without Youtube, got his first stint on a Hollywood picture and how he works with directors to create his masterpieces.


Emma: Director of Australian Beauty & Cosmetics Brand MUSQ

MUSQ is known for its vegan, cruelty free products and modern approach to beauty.


For some, creating your own beauty label sounds impossible. For Emma, however, growing from an employee at MUSQ to becoming the director is a story that is sure to inspire. 

From rebranding the entire collection to ensuring all products are vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly to discussing the importance of mentors, Emma gave us such incredible insight into the world of beauty brands and finding your vision.

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Judy Ly - Floor Manager of Mecca Chadstone 


Having started out her career working at a Myer beauty counter, to then go onto social media management for a makeup brand, Judy has now grown into the role of a floor manager at Mecca at one of the largest shopping centres in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the upbeat world of the retail makeup and beauty industry, creating exceptional customer experiences whilst managing a team of over 100 staff members is no easy role.

Click here to read more about Judy's journey into retail management, what a day in the life looks like for her and her advice for those wanting to follow in her footsteps!

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