Are you getting bored of Chapstick being the only product to touch your lips during winter? Or maybe you’re just looking for some gorgeous new hues to add to your winter makeup repertoire (when you don’t have to wear a mask, of course!). We asked T.M. educator Emily to show us her top 5 winter lip looks, and she didn’t disappoint! Add some zhush to your pout this winter with these stunning looks…



Berry Gloss

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 51

We’re in love with this gorgeous, deep pink tone! It’s perfect for adding a burst of colour to those gloomy, grey winter days. Pair it with a monochrome outfit and a natural makeup look to really make the colour pop.

Peachy Sheen

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 63

This stunning peach lip look is an easy way to get a small slice of summer in the middle of winter. When winter gets you down, we suggest sliding on this peachy gloss with a pair of sunnies, finding a sunny spot in your house, closing your eyes, turning on some Jack Johnson, and pretending you’re soaking up the rays at the beach in the middle of January.

Baby Pink

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 60

This super cute pink hue might just be the cure for all our winter blues. For those of us lucky enough not to be in lockdown, it’s a fairly lowkey yet still stunning shade for Sunday brunch or a dinner date! 

Soft Neutral

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 55

Jumping on a Zoom call? Braving the cold for a caffeine fix at your local cafe? We suggest this subdued, neutral pink tone when you want to add some oomph without being too bold or over the top (if there’s even such a thing).

Watermelon Sugar

Inglot AMC Lip Paint 62

This playful pink tone is one of our favourite winter lip looks. It pairs well with both glam and natural makeup looks—or no other makeup at all! It can be a great way to tie a cosy sweater-and-scarf outfit together, or you can use it as a way to dress up a casual jeans and t-shirt look.

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