Last term, The Masters’ Diploma of Beauty students were privileged to be visited by Aspect, an established skin care brand we're lucky enough to work with frequently. We were given the opportunity to learn about each individual skincare product and its unique purpose. At The Masters, we highly value experiences like this, as they prepare us students for not only specific facial treatments, but also for working in a salon environment. As beauty therapy students, it's important for us to understand what’s beneath the skin, and how high-end skincare products (like those from Aspect) can assist.

We were joined by Aspect instructor Brooke, who has a degree in dermatology and works with Aspect to give beauty students skincare confidence. She gave us a demonstration of Aspect’s turmeric face mask (which looks and feels amazing!) along with discussing the application process and the benefits it has for the skin.

Brooke also discussed the everyday dangers for our skin, which include air pollution, dirt, bacteria, UV rays and more. She explained to us that just standing and talking to one another exposes our skin to these elements; most of the time, we can’t even see the things affecting our skin. She introduced us to the term “free radicals” and explained the chaos that they can cause on the skin—for example, inflammation, which occurs after the skin is exposed to many environmental elements.

We learnt that the best ways to fight damage to our body and skin are purely just eating healthily, drinking water, and taking care of our skin. The thing that stuck with me the most from Brooke’s visit was the importance of sunscreen. The leading cause of ageing effects in skin is the sun. The best way to prevent this is to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Aspect have a great sunscreen in their skincare range and since Brooke’s visit, I’ve been wearing it everyday before applying my makeup.

We were so grateful to have Brooke come visit and provide such an amazing educational talk and practical demonstration; we can’t thank her enough for her time and for sharing her knowledge with us.   Experiences like these are what make The Masters amazing; they really prepare us beauty students for work so that we can graduate with confidence and expertise.

Written by T.M. Beauty Student Mikaela Giaquinta

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