At The Masters, we believe that there’s no one better to learn from than industry experts, so we were so honoured to have Elleebana Master Trainer Amy come in and demonstrate lash techniques to our students! We chatted to Amy about her career as a lash artist and the ins and outs of the industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role as a Master Trainer for Elleebana

I have been in the beauty industry now for 14 years! Wow seems a lot when I write it down like that. I have never been swayed or looked in another direction since I began my career in the Beauty Industry.

I gained my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and obtained various additional trainings which led to being involved with highly reputable salons and wholesalers. I was able to learn and grow through various avenues of the beauty sector; and now been lucky enough to work with Elleebana as one of the Australian Master Trainers.

I wanted to give myself every opportunity to find my calling in the Beauty / Lash and Brow Industry, I have always pushed myself to excel in everything I set out to achieve.

There are endless opportunities for us as Beauty Professionals - it is all about finding what fits for you and what is your speciality.

As an Elleebana Master Trainer I am able to connect with so many like minded professionals from all over the world and engage in learning. Utilising the power of education with students, (which I found is my calling), and educating students while being able to see their continual growth is so rewarding!

For more information on Elleebana’s product range, blogs and education - here is a link to the webpage and my bio

What would you say is the most common misconception is when it comes to lash extensions?

From a client’s perspective, lash extensions have the misconception of being a damaging treatment.

This is far from the truth.

When your applications are spot on and you are receiving the treatment from a trained and qualified Lash Tech there is going to be no damage that is done to the natural lash from the application.

From a student’s perspective the most common misconception is the detail and preciseness that is involved in the application.

There is so much detailed concentration, from beginning to end that goes into creating the magic of eyelash extensions. This treatment does take a lot of practice, and this is one specific point I will always re-iterate in my classroom more than once.

This treatment is one of the most precise mastery skills you will learn. It will take significant time to learn, but when you do - and you will - it is worth every hour spent practicing to master.

Lash lift VS extensions: which is right for who and why?

This all comes down to the client, their lash condition and personal preference.

Lash lifting offers a quicker and less maintenance service, with a more natural end result, as we only enhance the client’s natural lashes. Where Eyelash extensions is a longer process but the results can be more dramatic and require more maintenance.

As a Beauty Professional having both of these treatments available on your service menu will help to engage with both types of clients, therefore building a larger client base.

How important is it to keep on upskill-ing and learning in your field?

Upskill-ing is vital to not only the growth of a Beauty Professional or their business, but also the growth of our Beauty Industry as a whole. The industry is evolving and its evolving fast, we need to stay current to keep up with all the new and exciting things happening in the beauty world and keep our professional status up-to-date. This shows your Clients that you are up-skilling to give them the best and newest version of the treatments as possible.

Up-skilling is a great way to stay connected to the Beauty Industry. Events like attending additional trainings, master classes or conferences are all beneficial to your continued professional development.

What's your number one tip for aspiring beauty therapists/lash artists?

My #1 major tip for an aspiring Therapist or Lash Artist is to ... never give up!

If the Beauty / Lash and Brow Industry is something you are passionate about keep striving for your goals. Create goals short or long and keep reaching for them because if the passion is there the dream will follow.

There have been many times throughout my career where I have not reached my goal and that’s ok because it has made me grow as an individual and a professional. I have had to keep trying. Your passion will always allow you to keep trying and pushing yourself. Have a support buddy/ family member. Use them as your communication support system, we all need a support system.

What's your favourite part about training students at The Masters?

The Masters students were A-mazing!

The beautiful girls were so attentive to my every word and they were absorbing everything I was showing or explaining. I love when students ask questions this shows to me as an Educator that they want to get as much out of their learning as they possibly can.

I cannot wait to return to The Masters very soon for another visit.

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