Ever wondered what a barber's favourite look is to create? Our alum has the answer. 

Meet Kale Sainty: one of our talented barbering alum currently working at Lefty's Barbershop. We chatted to Kale about all things barbering, including what the most common requests are as well as his advice to those considering following in a similar career path.


Tell us what a typical day looks like for you. What’s your favourite part of it? 

Well a day in the life begins by setting up my work station, making sure I have everything ready like clippers, scissors, cut throat razor, hot towels and hot wax pots on the ready.

I have a variety of clients that come in, mostly adults and teenagers but when kids come in it’s fun as they are energetic and always ask for different things such as patterns or different haircuts.

My favourite aspect of barbering is being able to give people what they want and desire when it comes to haircuts, beards and shaving.


What is the most common request at a barbering salon? 

The most common request would have to be a zero fade or a beard trim. There are multiple types of zero fades that any barber or hairdresser can achieve, but to me there’s a zero fade with your clippers, which involves you using and changing between different clipper guards to create a fade going from 00 (being one the shortest possible cuts) fading up all the way to whatever guard our clients desire.


What's your personal favourite look to create? 

My favourite look would have to be the dusty; kind of like a mullet/mohawk, so if you were to combine both together it would have shaved sides but with enough length to spike up and give an awesome look. It’s commonly known as a ‘dusty’  because AFL player Dustin Martin has one. It’s his look but tailored to what the client wants.

I guess it’s my favourite because it’s a hard haircut and every barber has their own twist on it, like I’ve done one with patterns and that came out well. 


Why do you think it's important for men to take the time to go to the barber?  

It’s important as it makes us feel good - there’s no better feeling than when you leave the shop looking great. It’s like when we do our shaves, we get the face mask out, hot towels are used, different products to make the skin soft, making the beard smell nice and using the cut throat razor to also do the shave. All these small touches can really put a smile on someone’s face.

It’s a place where men can feel comfortable and unwind while getting their haircut, beard or even a shave done. Great place to socialise as well.

What led you to studying barbering?  

Barbering wasn’t initially an option as I never thought about it, let alone know that there was an apprenticeship for it. When my mate said his barber was looking for a new apprentice, I thought it would be a great change as I was following in the fitness industry as a career, so by doing this, it was a great change. Now I’m fully qualified and have years experience. 

What were your favourite parts about studying at The Masters? 

My favourite part was heading in and spending time with other barbers, teachers and expanding my knowledge with everyone else.

One of the highlights was definitely when we were all taught how to shave the American Crew way. I learnt plenty about face mapping and how to correctly angle the blade in regards to hair growth and completing the shave.


What advice would you give to students who are thinking about studying at The Masters? 

Definitely give it a go, it's worth every penny as cutting hair is a life skill and everybody needs a haircut, it’s an industry that won’t die out. 

It’s a great choice of career as you have multiple opportunities. Can be in a barbershop or a hairdressers or even can expand and try to work on runway shows and become a stylist. Hair is a huge industry and can take you and your work around the world.

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