If you’re like us and can’t stay away from your go-to blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons, then you might want to take this moment to keep your hair routine in check.


Let’s be honest, heat styling tools are a lifesaver. Be it blow drying, curling, crimping or straightening, these tools can easily transform your bad hair day and breathe life into your limp locks.

But while they can give you the most stunning sheen and shape for the night, they can seriously damage your strands over the long run, leaving behind dry, dull and brittle hair.

Since we can’t see ourselves getting rid of our styling tools anytime soon, how about adopting these healthy habits into your hair routine? 



1. Start with the right foundation 

The most basic products are often the most important. Start your routine off on the right foot with high quality shampoo and conditioner. Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as sulphates and parabens, since they can dry out and weaken your hair. Instead, opt for products that effectively address your specific hair concerns.

Add a weekly hair mask to the routine for a nourishment and hydration boost. Regular deep conditioning treatments would help restore your hair moisture levels, and maintain strong, healthy and hydrated strands that can withstand all your creative heat-styling!


2. Use a heat protectant

This should be pretty straightforward. Heat protectants are essentially a barrier or coating that are specifically formulated to protect your tresses from extreme heat during styling.

Most heat protectants can protect your strands from up to 230°C of heat, with a lot of them doubling as styling products that would give your hair the perfect finish and shine when they are heat-activated.

Think of them as sunscreen for your hair! Always remember to put them on thoroughly after you detangle your damp – not wet – hair and before using your styling tools.



3. Use the lowest heat setting

People often go straight to the highest heat setting when they’re styling their hair, as it can give them their desired style and shape quicker and easier. When in fact, lower heat setting can probably give them the same results.

In general, it is best to keep the styling tools under 200°C and stay around the 150°C range. Essentially, the main key is finding the right heat setting that is not too high, but high enough so you wouldn’t need to go through the same section multiple times (“one and done” rule also applies here!).

Another misconception is that using the high heat setting would give your hair a stronger hold or keep them in shape for longer. But when it comes to styling, how your hair cools down actually matters more than how it heats up.

Making sure your curls hold its shape as it cools down, giving them a shot of cool breeze with your dryer, or using hairspray and leave-in products are all good ways to help the hair hold its style better.


4. Air dry whenever possible

Give your hair a break from time to time. While it may take longer to air-dry, your hair will seriously thank you in the long run!

On your air-dry days, you can turn to heatless hairstyles to spice up your look. From effortless buns, braids or fun accessories, not all gorgeous styles need hot tools to create.


5. Get a trim regularly

Getting regular trims is a great way to keep your strands healthy. As you trim off your breakages and split ends, you can prevent them from travelling up your hair shaft and thus minimising potential heat damage.


6. Invest in high quality tools

Choosing the right, professional tools can save you a lot of damage, stress and even money in the long run. With high quality tools, you wouldn’t need to put as much time, heat or strain on your hair to get amazing results. It always helps to read reviews and comments before buying new tools, since a higher price tag doesn’t always mean high quality! 



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