Meet the dynamic and talented Storm, a superstar Hair and Barbering alumni. Storm began Hairdressing at The Masters but her curiosity led her to the world of barbering. With the successful completion of her Fasttrack hairdressing course, Storm embraced the next chapter of her hair journey.

The transition from hairdressing to barbering wasn't just a step for her; it was a leap into a world of limitless possibilities. Eager to broaden her skill set and arise to mastery, Storm embarked on this new chapter with determination and dedication. 

We chatted to Storm about her passion, eagerness to learn and curiosity to turn her dreams into reality. 

Tell us about yourself

I’m a full time senior stylist hairdresser / barber and I run my own mobile business. I started this business in 2022 and have been doing hairdressing and barbering for over 8 years. I love running my own mobile business as it gives me flexibility and freedom to set my own schedule. You can accommodate clients during evenings, weekends, or even provide last-minute services for special occasions. This flexibility allows you to balance your work with personal commitments, achieving a better work-life balance.

What made you choose The Masters to study barbering?

While doing my hairdressing course with The Masters I was always intrigued about the barbering class and what they were doing, so after I finished my hairdressing course I was keen to start my barbering course straight away.

How was your experience different from what you expected?

I thought it would be a lot harder than it was. I really surprised myself how natural a lot of it came to me, because while I did my hairdressing course there were lots of things I really struggled with. Being able to naturally just pick up stuff was amazing and made me really feel in my element.


How do you feel The Masters helped prepare you to work in the industry?

Before doing my two courses I did a lot of hair but had no idea what I was doing. So being able to learn the skills really helped me to be proud of the work I do after learning the correct way to do everything.

What did you enjoy about the Fasttrack study pathway?

I loved that I was able to do the course in a shorter amount of time, and being a full time student, it helped to get stuck into it without the distraction of working at the same time.

Do you have any advice for anyone who aspires to begin their barbering journey?

I would say to just give it a go. Even if you learn it’s not your dream job, it’s an amazing skill to have which you can pick up at any time and it always comes in hand when doing hair for your family and being able to give people something that isn’t tangible but your skills in an awesome haircut.

As we spoke with Storm, her passion for her work and her clients resonated strongly. Her mobile business, offering hairdressing and barbering services shows her dedication to her passion. Storm's journey also underscores the importance of self-discovery – her pivot towards barbering from hairdressing led her to find a new passion that beautifully complemented her love for making clients feel and look their best.

The Masters played a pivotal role in Storm's skills and instilling a sense of pride in her craft. Want to learn more about our Hair and Barbering course? Check it out here.