Interested in pursuing a career as a barber? How does one even get started in the industry? Don’t worry, we have the answers! We’ve compiled the usual, frequently asked questions to give you this easy guide on how to become a barber.

What does a Barber do?

What does a barber do?

A barber is a Hair professional who specialises in men’s haircut, shaving and grooming services. They mainly differ from hairdressers and hair stylists in their techniques. To achieve their styles and look, professional barbers have to master a range of different skills, such as: 
  • clipper/scissor over-comb
  • taper
  • graduated and layered cutting styles
They also offer unique grooming experiences you don’t usually get in hair salons. You would need to head to your local barbershop if you want to find services like:
  • face and neck shaving
  • clipper carving/track work
  • trimming or beards and moustache styling

What makes a good barber?

First and foremost, it is important to get the fundamental techniques right, combined with a good understanding of hair trends and styles. It is also important to have great client-facing skills, especially in consultations and communications.

As barbers provide a variety of personal services to their clients, it is essential that they build and maintain good relationships with them. And getting the client’s trust is a good place to start.

To earn this credibility, aspiring barbers often pursue a Barbering qualification that can provide them with a strong foundation in the field. By completing a formal certification, such as the SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering, they will be equipped with the necessary skills, techniques, knowledge and nationally-recognised qualification. By the time they graduate, they would have all the essentials they need to build a successful career in Barbering. 



Gaining experience and getting qualified in the field

There are two popular pathways to learning and getting a qualification.

  1. Get qualified in a year

In this Fast Track study option, students would study Barbering full-time, three days a week and get certified in a year. Students spend two days studying the basics in the classroom, before learning the practical skills in the student salon.

This method especially suits those who are just starting out in the industry, and don’t have any previous skills or experience in the field. Students in this course usually want to get certified early and get started in the industry as soon as possible!


  1. Gain experience through Apprenticeship

On the other hand, the Apprenticeship study mode focuses more on building hands-on, practical experience. Apprentices would learn part-time and go on campus just one day a week for three years, and spend most of their time working at the barbershop.

The Barbering course is designed for junior barbers who are already employed at a barbershop prior to enrolling, or for those who already have some prior experience. Students will receive practical training on the job, while also polishing their skills and techniques when they come to campus once a week.  

There is no one right way to learn Barbering!



Growing in the industry

Above all, the key is to strive for growth. Working as a barber means continuously learning and growing in the industry, be it in terms of skills, knowledge or as a business.

One way to grow in the industry today is to grow their presence online or on social media. It is important that clients know their skills, capability and what they can do as a barber, and building an online Hair portfolio is a great way to showcase that!


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