With winter being well and truly underway, taking care of your skin and body is more important than ever! We sat down with beauty alumni Susie to chat about her favourite winter treatments, her time at The Masters, and her passion for the beauty industry. Read more about her below!

What do you love about beauty?

My favourite aspect of working in the beauty industry is being able to perform treatments that help clients feel good about themselves. I especially love the skincare area of beauty as I’m able to learn a lot from it myself, which I can then pass on to clients to help them feel more confident in their own skin.

What are some of the top trending beauty services at the moment?

Intensive facials and massage are really popular at the moment, especially for winter! These treatments tend to leave clients feeling really refreshed and renewed.

What were some of the highlights of studying at The Masters?

My year studying at The Masters led to opportunities such as being able to perform practical assessments frequently, which meant I was able to master treatments that I still give to clients to this day. I learned a lot about being confident not only in myself, but also in my knowledge about products. This helped me be able to successfully treat clients—I learned how to be professional and how to keep clients comfortable. I gained so much practical knowledge that equipped me for a real job in the industry.

The teachers were great and taught us a lot about the industry from their many years of experience. They really helped us and encouraged us to be confident in ourselves and taught us how to perform treatments in the most professional way.

Did you get any industry experience while you were studying at The Masters?

I worked at a touch-up bar for a fashion show with The Masters and the experience was great! We touched up people's makeup and nail polish on the day of the show—I loved being able to interact with people and help them feel great about themselves. It taught me a lot of skills that I still carry with me to this day.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about studying at The Masters?

My advice would be to practice self-confidence and not to dwell on small mistakes. Instead, learn from your mistakes and grow in your acquired knowledge. Use those experiences to become confident in the treatments you perform.


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