A qualification in a creative field can lead you down so many different career paths—just look at beauty alum Mikaela Giaquinta! Mikaela completed a SHB50121 Diploma of Beauty Therapy at The Masters and went on to become not only a Beauty Therapist, but also the Health & Beauty Editor at MelbourniseMe. Find out how she got to where she is today below (plus a bonus beauty tip to save your skin this Winter!).

Tell us about your role at MelbourniseMe. How did you discover your passion for writing?

I was completing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in literature when I began my Diploma. In combining both my studies together, I’m able to use my writing skills and knowledge of the beauty industry. Because of my Diploma from The Masters, I’m able to use the knowledge and skills from my mentors and was inspired by them to re-educate Melbourne about healthy lifestyle and beauty habits. 

When I was completing my course, I never imagined that I would be a part of one of Melbourne’s leading media city guides. Even though it was never a part of my plan, I’m so grateful for the opportunity because it opened my eyes to a whole new career pathway in beauty. 

At MelbourniseMe, we’re constantly having to create content for our audience and keep up to date with what is occurring in Melbourne. All editors gather together weekly for meetings to discuss ideas and topics about Melbourne, as well as reviewing who has contacted the team. We then decide who and what we will be writing about and what events in Melbourne will need to be covered. I love being able to go to social events in Melbourne with my team members and meeting different people from different areas of beauty and lifestyle.

What did you learn throughout your time at The Masters that has helped you in your current role?

I loved learning about skin and the different areas in the industry your knowledge can take you. Beauty Therapy isn’t the only place a beauty qualification can take you—while that’s a very rewarding career, it’s not the only one. There’s always growth in any industry, but especially beauty. The Masters introduced me to writing for the T.M. Edit team and I was able to meet various strong women from different parts of the beauty industry. My mentors at The Masters educated us on being healthy and working to professional standards—that influenced me to pass on that knowledge and passion to MelbourniseMe’s audience and to look for more opportunities than just one career pathway. 

What advice would you give to students who are wanting to pursue a career in beauty writing/editing?

Go for it! Do not doubt yourself; if you believe you’re a creative and innovative person, then you are perfect for this avenue. If you’re just waiting for a perfect opportunity to come along, start building your website or social page and BLOG! The Masters provides you with so much support and there is always so much going on in the beauty industry that there is always something to write about. Social media is also such a powerful tool—use it to your advantage!

What’s your number 1 beauty tip for keeping your skin balanced during Winter?

My lip mask! I’m guilty of wearing matte lipstick to work everyday, which can dry out my lips. In Winter, lips tend to dry out even more, so the best thing to do every night is use your favourite lip mask or lip balm. It’s best to have one that contains ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba esters, hyaluronic acid, and oils like coconut. This will ensure that you wake up in the morning to hydrated and plump lips. 

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