Went from brunette to blonde and panicking about the regrowth? Greys peeking through? Getting bored and want to try out a bold new colour? We hear you.

We know that in this time of social isolation it’s incredibly tempting to try to cover up your regrowth or try a new hair colour, but it can be hard to know how (or if!) to go about it. That’s why we did the digging for you and chatted to some professionals! Before you break out the box dye or bleach, have a read below to find out what industry experts have to say.

Aerial Studio: Nat Ragusa @aerialstudio_

‘During such an uncertain time there is one thing that’s for sure: do not box dye your own hair at home!

Box dyes are permanent colours and create a build up on your hair that is not easy to remove. It’s costly and takes a lot of time to go back to the colour you desire after colouring it yourself at home. Although it’s hard to resist as we have so much more time on our hands to stare at our regrowth, it’s important that we resist for the greater good! 

One option to blend greys is using a root touch spray! Or if you want to try something new like a pastel pink, it’s important to use a semi-permanent colour that won’t stain the hair and will fade as you wash it. 

I would suggest talking to your hairdressers if you feel yourself near a hair break down and they will give you the right advice to pull you through! This ‘iso time’ is a great opportunity to really show some love to your hair and treat it well as I’m sure your hairdresser can’t wait to see you when all this is over.’

Rokk Ebony - Melitta Fernandez @melittafernandezhair

‘I don’t recommend dying your hair at home. There is so much that can go wrong and then nowhere open right now to go and fix it. 

If you have grey regrowth try to cover it with quick fix powder or spray, mainly for the parting and face line - it will cover the greys and save your hair from box dye. 

With foil regrowth, I honestly feel like it's worth the wait. It’s going to be really grown out but the transformation once you can get your hair done will be spectacular!

With scalp bleaches, please do not try this at home. Particularly if you have fragile hair,  this could end in disaster - just be patient and it will save your hair. At  the end of the day we're all in isolation so I would say for now focus on treatments and nourishing your hair so that when you do get back to your hairdresser it will be a wonderful fresh start!’

Rokk Ebony - Georgia Freedman @georgia_freedman

‘My outlook on this is if the client can use something like a toning conditioner or chalk/spray to cover greys that’s a great way to get you through this period.

When it comes to colouring your own hair with supermarket products or using products you don’t know how to use, I think it’s risky and could cause clients to have big colour corrections once they return to the salon.’


The general consensus seems to be to steer clear of colouring your own hair. We know this may be hard to hear, so we asked the girls what their favourite root touch up sprays are:

Nat: Oribe Root Touch Up Spray

Melitta: Kevin Murphy Retouch Me

Georgia: Loreal Hair Touch Up

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