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Short Course

Winter School Holidays Creative Workshop: Hair, Beauty, MakeUp

3 days | 6th—8th July 2021 | 10AM—3PM

An introduction to basic techniques for high school students wanting to explore what it is like to work within the hair, beauty and makeup industries. This 3-day program covers the fundamental aspects of hair, beauty, and makeup while delving into what it is truly like to work within these creative industries. 

What we cover

Learn about the hair, makeup and beauty industries at a beginner level!


  • Overview of the industry
  • Mood boarding hair trends of 2021
  • Spa treatments
  • How to wash hair
  • How to blow dry
  • Curling with straightening irons

Beauty & Makeup

  • An introduction to basic makeup techniques
  • Mini facial treatments
  • How to create a face chart
  • Create your own day-to-night makeup look

Prior Skills & Preparation

No prior skills necessary!

*This short course is provided by The Masters Institute of Creative Education

Course Snapshot

Course Dates:

  • 6th—8th July 2021

Location: Melbourne

Fees: $165.00

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