As creatives, there’s nothing we don’t love about Halloween! From the insane makeup to the incredible costumes, there’s so much to look forward to about the spooky season. Even though Halloween might not involve trick or treating or themed parties this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still put together a killer Halloween look (no pun intended!) and switch on a creepy film. We compiled a list of the best hair looks from iconic Halloween movies—consider it inspiration for your look this year!

Bride of Frankenstein

Even if you’ve never watched this movie, you’re bound to recognise this iconic Halloween hair style. The huge beehive with a white streak is legendary—don’t forget to pair it with dark lipstick, thick eyeliner, and straight, sharp brows to complete the look.



This 80s movie is peak Halloween, and Beetlejuice’s striped suit and green, straggly hair is one of the most common Halloween get ups! Plus, those dark eye circles are kinda relatable. Some green temporary hair dye, a bit of teasing, and some long lasting hairspray and voila—Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!


Hocus Pocus

We’d be lying if we said we waited until Halloween to start watching Hocus Pocus—it’s a classic! Three witches are resurrected after 300 years and—amongst other things—they bring with them some pretty insane hairstyles. Bette Midler’s character Winnie has fiery red curls piled high on top of her head; Kathy Najimy as Mary has jet black hair streaked with purple twisted into a cone atop her head that seemingly defies gravity—you might want to have a full jar of hair gel on hand for that style.


The Addams Family

While it’s not technically a Halloween flick, The Addams Family is the perfect show to watch around the spooky season! As for costumes, just take your pick! From Wednesday Addams’ iconic braids to Morticia Addams’ long, sleek, black locks to Grandmama’s Hagrid-esque grey mess, there are tons of great hair looks to choose from. 


Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton, the king of halloween movies, recreated the world of Alice in Wonderland in a darker, creepier way in 2010 and it’s the perfect movie to watch for Halloween costume inspo. The Queen of Hearts’ flaming red hair and heart-shaped lipstick, the Mad Hatter’s frizzy orange ‘do—a little temporary hair dye and some tight curls should do the trick!


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