Melbourne’s Alin Le’ Kal shows at Paris Fashion week and his signature style is in sync with the Parisian street style.

Paris fashion week came straight off the back of Milan, and the two in comparison were like sweet and savoury, with the Milano street savvy embodying hues of orange. Those on the cobble stone streets of Paris, decorated themselves in soft colours and fragile textures. It seems the theme at Paris was the celebration of all things refined, elegant and tactile.

It is with great celebration that we congratulate Alin Le’ Kal for showcasing at Paris Fashion Week. A Melbourne Bridal and Couture designer who studied fashion here in Melbourne, presented a collection that reflected the street style macro trends of the year.

A mixture of both form fitting and off the body silhouettes were used as the architectural scaffolding that supported effortless hand atelier workmanship. These hand crafted garments incorporating glass beads, feathers and crystals, arranged in a way that looked as though mother nature herself had grown these embellishments over the body. Like moss on wet rocks by the ocean.   


Alin Le’ Kal creates an organic sensibility to his designs through focusing on his key element of choice, texture. Each garment consisting of multiple layers of textures to assist the viewer’s eye in a continual rotation around the body.

It is with the understanding of gradation and proportion within design that allows Alin Le’ Kal to successfully build on silhouette with multiple embellishment techniques. His sophisticated yet effortless collection incorporates textures both hard and soft, warm and cool. A complicated consolidation of design theories that most who try would fail to achieve such a fruitful outcome.


The overall colour theme for this collection was that of nude and neutral hues heavily embellished in metallic with the inclusion of fairy floss pinks and smacks of black tone.

There must have been something in Alin Le’ Kal’s forecasting and initial conceptual direction that lead him down a garden path to such a blooming success. If we turn our eye from his runway to the street style just outside, we see a beautiful reflection of all the details mentioned within his own work.


Women entered the venue in creamy tones and hues of strawberry ice-cream and delicate muted mint greens. Texture in many forms accompanying the elegant fabrications and colour ways, giving the streets of Paris the romantic and nostalgic aesthetic that we so yearn for each season.

The good news for those of you who were at all loss last week, fretting over finding something in orange to wear this season, you can relax. If orange isn’t your colour then tap your credit card for something with texture instead.



The team at Melbourne My Style along with our readers raise a glass to you and your success, Alin Le’ Kal. We are looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.

You can find Alin Le’ Kal at 133 Gipps Street, Collingwood, Victoria.