Meet Ash Brimmer, one of our amazing barbering alumni and 2018 Barber of the Year! After graduation, Ash landed an impressive job at Snips of London, so we chatted to him about all things barbering, The Masters, and his goals for the future. Have a read below.

What do you love about barbering?

The creativity and having the ability to design and change someone’s outlook on themselves! I love making my clients look and feel their best.

What’s the most common request you get at a barbering salon? What’s your favourite look you’ve done?

Skin fades and shaves are the most common requests. My favourite look I’ve done is definitely a skin fade tapered to the client’s head, with a few free-hand razored lines, which gave it that street edge.

Why do you think it’s important for men to take the time to go to the barber?

It can give you such a refreshed, clean feeling. You’ll leave feeling so happy and good about yourself. The time you spend with your barber helps you build up a relationship, so when you find the right barber, it becomes a place you can go and just be yourself.

What led you to studying barbering? Why The Masters?

I got a really bad home job haircut, so my grandad took me to his barber Kiri, who is now one of my good mates. That led me to The Masters, where they were more than amazing in every aspect. There was real face-to-face value at The Masters—I didn’t just feel like another number or statistic there. They really value their students’ skills and they help you improve in ways that make you feel good about everything!

What are your goals for the next few years?

I’m keen to just go with the flow. I’m very happy where I am. I’m learning more and more everyday, so I’m going to continue to follow my passion and work to the best of my abilities so that I can achieve a lot in my career.

What are your words of wisdom to students about to start studying at The Masters?

Just be yourself! There’s no point pretending to be someone else. Be honest about who you are so when your instructors work with you, it’s for YOU, not for someone you’re trying to be.