Meet Erin, a Fashion Design alum and independent designer! After graduating and having her final year designs featured on the M/FW 2019 runway, Erin has now launched her own label, Bissy The Label. We chatted to Erin about her label, where she finds creative inspo, and her advice for aspiring designers.

Tell us about Bissy The Label.

I launched Bissy The Label at the start of the first lockdown in Melbourne. Launching my own label and bringing something unique and individual to the market is something I’ve always wanted to do. It also helped that I had amazing lectures that I obviously learnt so much from. Having more free time throughout lockdown has been an amazing opportunity to focus on what I really want to do, design, create, and inspire. 


Where do you find your creative inspo for your designs?

I find creative inspiration in the strangest place sometimes, but mainly Pinterest. For my latest collection, which I’m currently working on, sustainability has been a major focus and I think due to our current climate people are now more aware as to how important it is. Old, unwanted items like denim jeans inspire me by giving them new life. I also have a great, supportive creative network around me from The Masters, which I feel blessed to have!


What is your personal favourite piece from your label? What do you hope to give your customers through your designs?

From my Graduate Collection, I love my Orange Puffer Jacket! It was by far the hardest piece to sew and when it walked down at VAMFF ARTZ Independent Runway, the crowd loved it, which made it all worth it.


I think the most important thing about fashion is comfort. If you’re not 100% comfortable in what you’re wearing then you’re not going to feel 100% confident. I think they go hand in hand. Feeling and looking good in what you’re wearing completes your look. And that’s exactly what we want for our customers!


What are your goals for the future of Bissy The Label?

I have big dreams for Bissy The Label. Becoming globally known and dressing musicians would be AMAZING! Also having a physical store in Harajuku, Japan would be a major vibe. But one thing I want is to always remain true to our values, sustainability and exclusivity. 


What advice would you give to budding designers?

With every decision in life, there’s always risk. But what are you waiting for? Make the life you want to live! For me personally, I couldn’t imagine waking up and dreading going to work everyday, so why not do something you love and you’re passionate about?


I’d 100% recommend The Masters! The lecturers are genuinely kind and very supportive. So many opportunities are offered to students: Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway, internships, and industry work experience, just to name a few. I’m so thankful for my time at The Masters!

Interested in launching your own label? Check out the Melbourne School of Fashion courses here!